SP1The Australian trio, Sick Puppies, released their fourth record on July 16, Connect, a record that really defines the band’s unique sound. Their music in general gives off a different kind of vibe, an indefinable type if you will. The trio consists of Shimon Moore (vocals/guitar), Emma Anzai (bass/vocals), and Mark Goodwin (drums). In this album, Anzai features her vocals quite a few times.

“Die to Save You” set the album in the right mood, with dark melodies and great beats provided by Goodwin as well as beautiful vocals from Anzai. The second song to play was the album’s leading single, released May 20, “There’s No Going Back”. The song has a very powerful and catchy chorus, all in all, a great track. Next to play was “Walking Away”, with relatable lyrics, particularly in the heartbreak department, a very beautifully written song. Following was “Gunfight” featuring a killer intro and very catchy beats, and Moore’s well-known gruff growl occasionally can be heard throughout the track. The album was slowed down by “Poison”, a fairly dark track with a beautifully written chorus. The sixth track, “Where Did the Time Go”, had the same tempo as their 2010 single, “Maybe”, a light, pop-like vibe to it. “Telling Lies” featured Anzai and had a very catchy chorus with a very slow beat, but the pace was quickened a little bit by the light and upbeat eighth track, “Connect”, followed by “Run”, sounding somewhat similar to the second track. The album picked up with the song, “The Trick the Devil Did” with its dark melody that hooks you right in, accompanied by a very catchy chorus. In the next track, “Healing Now”, we have the chance to hear Anzai’s unique silky voice accompanied by a very soothing and relaxing tempo as well as profound lyrics. The album ended with a track that sounded a bit like The Beatles, “Under a Very Black Sky”, and again, we hear Anzai’s vocals.

Connect is available at your nearest music store as well as for digital download. Be sure to check out the band’s Facebook page for tour dates.



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