Top 10 Artists You Don’t Want to Miss at Camp Bisco


With Camp Bisco almost a month away, it’s time to start mapping out your schedule and narrowing down what artists you want to see the most. I’ve compiled a list of my top ten need to see artists, which was no easy task with Bisco’s extensive lineup spanning everything from hip-hop, dub step, electronic, house, jam, indie and so much more.

1. The Disco Biscuits- I mean, seriously. These guys have made such a serious name for themselves in the music scene that they are now being compared to the likes of Phish and The Grateful Dead. This festival was their baby and watching it grow has been a crazy experience. They started off playing on one small main stage for a few thousand people and now step out onto dual stages with 20 thousand or more people cheering their names. That’s gotta count for something. Plus they’re all amazingly talented musicians. Whether you’re a “biscuits kid” or not you have to be able to see how unbelievably brilliant each member of the band is when they pick up their instruments. They play the most sets, so chances are you wont be able to miss them, but while you do see a few of their sets, appreciate how far they’ve come and how far they’ve brought this festival because without them it would never have existed.

The Disco Biscuits on Twitter and Facebook

2. Squarepusher. If you haven’t heard of this guy, I really wouldn’t be too surprised. I have been trying to catch Squarepusher, or Tom Jenkinson, for years but with his rare sitings in the U.S I have yet so see a live set. Squarepusher is an artist from the UK who focuses primarily around drum and bass, acid house and jazz. He uses live instrumental playing as well as digital processing to make some seriously mind blowing beats. He has releases such a vast array of music that it is difficult to pinpoint once particular style he likes to follow, but trust me you won’t want to miss this legend.

Squarepusher on Facebook 

3. Sound Tribe Sector 9. Of course, a Camp Bisco favorite. I have been a huge fan of STS9 since 2002 when I was a pretty young kid. Their music stays consistently amazing and their live performances are nothing short of spectacular. STS9 is an instrumental band with a strong focus on electronic, hip hop, drum and bass and funk. Whether these guys end up as a late night set or an evening set it is bound to be an amazing time. If you’ve never seen them before, you’ll be in for a serious treat.

STS9 on Twitter and Facebook

4.Toro Y Moi– I’m not even really sure how to describe this guy. I discovered him about a year ago and fell in love instantaneously. He is described as indie-pop, “chill-wave,” synth-pop and electronic. I really don’t even know how to describe him other than saying he is amazing and if you miss his set you are making a serious mistake. There are not many artists out there similar to Toro Y Moi so I suggest you give him a listen before Bisco rolls around just for your own aural pleasure.

Toro Y Moi on Twitter and Facebook

5. Boombox. Although I’ve seen Boombox a pretty significant amount of times I think I have still yet to see them on stage at a festival. Their style is unlike most bands I’ve seen in that they pull inspiration from all facets of the music community. They are a steady mix of psychedelic, funk, rock and blues. At each show I’ve seen, they drive each set with the energy of the crowd so it will be interesting to see them in front of a crowd as huge as Bisco.

Boombox on Twitter and Facebook 

6.Paper Diamond. Paper Diamond has been around for a while, just not under that particular alias. Alex Botwin started as the bassist for Pnuma Trio, and if you’ve heard the Pnuma Trio you know that he’s a very talented musician. Paper Diamond is Botwin’s solo DJ career, as he also takes on electronic production. Paper Diamond is another feel good DJ that will make you move. Definitely don’t miss his set this Camp.

Paper Diamond on Twitter and Facebook

7.Animal Collective. Over the past five or so years Animal Collective has grown rapidly in popularity and become a household name in the music scene. They are considered “experimental-psychedelic” and encapsulate a slew of different styles and genres within each song. You will without a doubt dance from start to finish when Animal Collective takes stage.

Animal Collective on Twitter and Facebook

8. Gigamesh. You’ve probably heard Gigamesh’s remix of Foster the People’s single “Pumped up Kicks,” or perhaps his work on Mike Posner’s “Cooler Than Me,” so you know what he’s capable of. His talent as a producer and a DJ is unparalleled. His music derives from a mix of influences, but will not fail to keep you dancing. Make sure you save your energy for this set, because you’ll need it.

Gigamesh on Twitter and Facebook

9. Lotus. I know, I’m clearly showing biases towards the band I’ve seen a million times, but in the same breath they have yet to let me down. Lotus is another band who has gained serious popularity over the past few years and made their own mark on the music and festival scene. Similar to Sound Tribe, Lotus is an electronic jam band who incorporate many sounds and genres within each song. Their music can be fast and hard or slow and melodic. That spectrum is what makes bands like Lotus such an awesome live act to see.

Lotus on Twitter and Facebook

10. Com Truise. Com truise started as a drum and bass DJ and slowly shifted into a more 80’s, chill-wave sound. His music is completely different than anything else in the music scene. I don’t even think there is an artist I could compare him to wholeheartedly, which is why he made the top ten list. An artist with that unique of a sound does not go unnoticed, even within a lineup as insane as Camp Bisco’s. It is artists like this that make Camp Bisco have such a wide variety of sounds and genres that grace their stages throughout the festival.

Com Truise on Twitter and Facebook

Honorable mentions:

The Manhattan ProjectTwiddleBreak ScienceZoogma,

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