Album Review: ONYX by POP EVIL

71evNyUBTsL._SL1425_Pop Evil released their fourth record, Onyx, earlier this week on May 14th, just before their performance this Saturday at Rock on the Range. This 12 track record is filled with the absolute right amount of explosive beats and killer guitar riffs, all very catchy. This record is one hell of a roller-coaster, so strap in, this is going to be a wild one.

“Goodbye My Friend” was definitely a good way to start the album and it gives a feel of what the rest of the record is going to sound like, as Leigh Kakaty’s powerful and unique scream accompanies the killer tunes. “Deal with the Devil” carries on the dark, melodic torch that is Onyx, which was followed by the album’s leading single, “Trenches”. This track was the right choice to be made third on the album that way it can keep the listeners anticipating this amazing song; the mesmerizing guitar riffs fill the speakers, then once Chachi hits those drums rhythmically, you know it is time to start rocking out hard. “Torn to Pieces” slows everything down a little bit and it sounds very similar to “100 in a 55”. The pace is then picked up with the ever-empowering “Divide”, the kind of song that makes you bounce up and down as well as bang your head a little bit. The pace is continued with “Beautiful”, a great hard rock love song, with a chorus that will haunt the back of your mind. The record slows down a little yet again with the powerfully written ballad-like song, “Silence & Scars”. This roller-coaster of an album suddenly speeds up with “Sick Sense”, an electronic beat as an intro to the song and Kakaty’s powerful scream brings in the head-banging chorus. This was followed by “Fly Away”, a song with incredible guitar riffs yet it is a song that is a bit hard to describe. “Behind Closed Doors” slows everything down and sets a very dark, heart-breaking tune, especially with some of the lines from the chorus: “Mix a little bit of love and violence / mix a little bit of truth and lies / I see you, I feel you…”. A very love-hate relationship type of song, if you will. “Welcome to Reality” opens the eyes of the listener of the truth of a harsh reality and Kakaty, through his scream, emphasizes that once you enter that reality, “you can never go back”. The final track, “Flawed”, sums up the album through the darkness of the intro, sucking the listeners into the blackness that is Onyx. It is filled with incredible riffs and a powerful yet catchy chorus.

All in all, Pop Evil did a kick-ass job with this record and they’ve come a long way. Onyx gets Pop Evil‘s fans ready for their upcoming tour and their show this Saturday at Rock on the Range. Onyx is available for digital download and you can pick it up at your local music store.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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