Quick Glance: Fear of None

Quick Glance: Fear of None

Fear of None

Genre: Metalcore/Heavy Metal

Reaching out a bit to the Long Island area, Fear of None roars mightily from all the way out there (I realize this is UPSTATE Metal and 315 Music Reviews, but I enjoy reaching out to artists all over the world). With a sound that combines “core” brutality and melodic sensibility, these guys prove that they aren’t messing around. They have a full-length album up on their page and on iTunes, and it is definitely worth a listen. The band seems to be a mix of styles that combine to form a unique, fun, blood-pumping brand of metal. I’d say that the best part of this band is their guitar work, which is full of heavy riffs, excellent patterns, and occasional variety in sounds (even ACOUSTIC, if you can believe that). The drums and bass are also an excellent rhythm section. The drums particularly show variety with some heart-pounding beats and technicalities, as well as some patterns that aren’t too common for modern metalcore. The lyrics are moving and powerfully delivered with alternating brutal and softer vocals, yet sound a little fuzzy at times. The vocals, among other slight things, show a little lack in production value, but it is made up for completely with the muci itself. This is a band that doesn’t need perfect production, because it’s supposed to be raw, gritty, and in your face, and the best way to do that is to worry about the music first and production second. They are able to accomplish the mission of showing off who they are without flawless production, and what they have far from takes away from the quality of the sound, as it’s still something to be proud of. In essence, this is a band that shows its determination and heart through its music, and could probably sound good on a tape recorder. In conclusion, I’d say that Fear of None is an excellent band with the perfect name, because they display no fear of anyone’s opinions or remarks; they just do what they want, when they want, and how they want, and it’s something I definitely appreciate about them and find makes them believable.

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Rock on 315!

-Steve Sbiroli, 315MR (Upstate Metal)


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