Quick Glance: Blank Flank

Quick Glance: Blank Flank

Blank Flank

Genre: Cybercore

I don’t have much experience critiquing electronic music, so I’m going to give this a shot… For those of you interested in local cybercore acts, Blank Flank is worth checking out. A one-man act, Trevor Anderson’s Blank Flank is in its early stages, but shows promise. With only 45 likes on its Facebook page as of now, this is the least-known artist I’ve ever reviewed. Between that and the fact that the music is fuzzy in production, you can tell this brainchild is still very young. The best way to explain the music is probably this: imagine hardcore music played on a very early Nintendo game, with “My Little Pony” references for lyrics. This is the style Anderson is going for, and although I don’t understand it, I certainly respect it. Electronic music requires a lot of adaptation and spice, of which he throws into his 8-bit music fairly well. It’s easy for a lot of it to sound the same at times, but I think that’s because of the production. He does show some variety by coming up with different sound effects, intros, and patterns that would sound fantastic with a live hardcore band. It’s actually very fascinating to hear the hardcore patterns and style that we all know and love in a different format, and I applaud the ingenuity it takes to try something so obscure but interesting. For a side project, I think it has some promise to be a good primary project, but requires a lot of work. With some better production and more variety in sound and style, it could be an excellent electronic project. I honestly don’t know what else to say, because I’ve never heard anything quite like this before, so I’m not sure how to critique it, and it is definitely too early to see where it’ll go from here. What I can say is this: Blank Flank does not sound like anything else I’ve heard before, and with time and work, could become an act that cybercore and electronic fans all over the area will come to know and love.

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-Steve, 315MR (Upstate Metal) BTLYAP

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