Phish to release Star Lake 98 DVD

JEMP Records announced today the latest release from the Phish Archives: Star Lake 98 will hit stores and online this coming December 11th. Phish’s 2 DVD set features a multi-camera screen feed from their August 11,1998 performance at the Star Lake Amphitheatre in Burgettstown, PA.

Star Lake 98 represents the only full-length show available on video from the band’s 1998 summer tour. While the set was created from lawn feeds captured by VHS tapes, the audio was mixed by Jon Atschiller from Paul Languedoc’s multi-track masters. You can pre-order the DVD set now at Phish Dry Goods. A bonus CD available with the pre-order is “So Inclined”, featuring music from the three remaining unreleased Star Lake concerts.

Phish Archivist Kevin Shapiro shared his thoughts on the show’s release:

The Star Lake 98 show was the 20th of summer to showcase the loose, experimental vibe of a tour that began in Europe and jumped to the United States en route to the summer’s ending Lemonwheel festival.  The introduction of a never-before-played cover each night earned the tour the nickname “summer of covers” from fans and Star Lake’s contribution was a “Trench Town Rock” opener.  Star Lake also saw the return of “Time Loves A Hero” which was played for the first time in a decade and segued out of a sultry “Wolfman’s Brother”.  “Julius”, an extended “Fee” outro (during which hip Pittsburghians clapped along on the 2 and 4) and deep renditions of “Maze” and “Reba” set the stage for set II.  The second set featured a super-swinging, ethereal “Runaway Jim” that foreshadowed 2011’s “Storage Jam” and an unusual pairing of “Meat > Limb By Limb.”  Local flavor of the Commonwealth was provided by “Bittersweet Motel” (the title of the Phish documentary recorded during Europe ’98 dates) and “Wilson”, King of Prussia.

8/11/98 – Burgettstown, PA Tracklist

Disc One
Set I:
1. Trench Town Rock
2. Julius
3. Wolfman’s Brother
4. Time Loves A Hero
5. Bittersweet Motel
6. Reba
7. The Sloth
8. Ginseng Sullivan
9. Fee
10. Maze
11. Sample In A Jar

Disc Two
Set II:
1. Runaway Jim
2. Meat
3. Limb by Limb
4. When The Circus Comes
5. Down With Disease
1. Wilson
2. Golgi Apparatus

[vimeo w=500&h=338]

“Down With Disease” – Star Lake 98 DVD from Phish on Vimeo.

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