Stuff Your Face With Bass: Jungle Rumble

Get out the glow sticks and neon clothes, bust out the pinned hats and your rage faces because Rave Season is back! The first rave of the season blew up at the Washington Armory in Albany, NY this past Friday September 21st. PeepThis Entertainment hosted the Stuff Your Face with Bass: Jungle Rumble event, urging attendees to unleash their inner animals and go wild.

The first few minutes of entering the venue and being thrown into the scene, can be more than chaotic and intimidating. Push past the main lobby and make your way onto the wide dance floor, when suddenly the bass drops. ERUPTION! The crowd goes wild and you give in. The beat hits you with a feeling of immense relief to let go and party. Eric David, TrevMunz , Bare and DieselBoy had control of the main stage, pumping out huge sound waves, all about the buildup.

If the large crowd was too overwhelming, there were 2 other stages set up in rooms located on the left and right side of the venue. The smaller rooms provided artists a chance to shine and show their talent in a more intimate setting. Lions Den on the left hosted Deyo life, Notixx , Evac Protocol and Aire Atlantica. The Waterhole on the right hosted JP Mac, Primitive, Fitted (Hip-Hop MC), Nikolai & Hoops, SubSet and J Demonic. One of my favorite acts took place in the Lions Den, left room stage where I caught Evac Protocol. The angry, high energy techno felt so good after a long work week. The dark beats were ideal for a Friday night and a sure thing to unleash the beast within.

PeepThis company member and cofounder, Kyle Faulkner, had this to say, ““This was our 5th installment and numbers were average. I can proudly say that after this show over 15,000 peeps have stuffed their faces! What started as a pun on thanksgiving since our first show in November of 2011, has turned into a popular catch phrase for the EDM scene. If there is another SYFWB it’ll be a super sized 1 year anniversary party.”

For more information on the biggest parties, like PeepThis on Facebook. PeepThis will be hosting Masquerave at the Oneonta Theatre on October 11th and at the Washington Ave Armory October 26th.

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