Washington Avenue Armory Files Suit Against Rap Group Migos

In 2015, Atlanta-based rap trio Migos, performed a show at the Washington Avenue Armory in Albany when all hell broke loose during their performance. Since then, no live music has been performed in the building due to the incident in which six concertgoers were stabbed.

Armory operators, the Albany Basketball and Sports Corporation, have filed suit against Migos, charging that the trio incited a riot by telling fans “to fight,” “give them hell,” and “kick ass.” Court documents also reveal that the group blew off a paid fan meet-and-greet, by showing up late smelling like marijuana and alcohol.

The lawsuit filed in Albany’s supreme court stated, “Rather than attempting to dissuade the crowd from fighting, Migos and/or their agents, servants and employees were heard encouraging, cheering and inciting the patrons to fight. As a result of the defendants’ actions, a brawl erupted and numerous patrons were injured.”

The Armory’s business has suffered since the event. The Times Union reports that the Armory seeks an unspecified amount of money for “property, personal, breach of contract, economic, loss of income, and loss of business and further damages to be determined.” Armory spokesman, Joe Bonilla, made the following statement:

The significant, unfortunate actions by Migos … have led to considerable business disruption to the Washington Avenue Armory and its parent, the Albany Basketball and Sports Corporation.The unwarranted negative media attention and subsequent government actions against the Armory stemming from the event has placed an undue burden upon the Armory’s operations and its ability to attract programming. Therefore, on the eve of the three-year anniversary of that fateful concert, the Armory is taking this important action to remedy the losses incurred from and arising from that event.

Sharome Ross of Albany, a concertgoer who attended the event, sued the band and the Armory after he was injured during the show. Ross, who suffered severe injuries to his face, shoulder and eyes said the venue’s operators should have known that the trio had a bad reputation for attracting a belligerent fan base, and would likely be late which presents a danger to fans in attendance.


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