ABORTED discusses “Global Flatline”, influences

Aborted is a death metal band from Belgium. They’re a four-piece band with members from Belgium, France and the UK. Signed by Century Media Records, and recently released their album, Global Flatline, They are a powerful, heavy band with a passion for mosh pits, blood, guts and horror. I was fortunate enough to be able to speak with Sven De Caluwe, vocalist for the band, between tours.

Chris: Filming music videos can be a pretty cool experience. What did you think of the experience of filming “The Origin of Disease” music video?
Sven: It was pretty intense, we shot it right in-between playing festivals—meaning we played a festival in Germany the day before, drove out to Holland, took a plane to England, and then shot the video the next day for about 8-9 hours straight, and we had way too many takes which were all more intense than the previous one at a location that smelled worse than any anus known to man haha. The day after that, we flew back to Holland to drive back to Germany and play Summer Breeze at 3AM. Exhausting to say the least, but we are ultimately very satisfied with the results!!
Chris: Does this song have a significant meaning to you?
Sven: It is one of the more instense songs on the record, and it has a good dose of groove at the same time. The theme is “mankind is a disease”, which is exactly what this whole album is about.
Chris: Your new album, Global Flatline, came out January 24th. Describe the experience of recording it.
Sven: I think this must have been the smoothest recording session we ever had. The whole album was done in under 3 weeks from start to finish, including mix and mastering. Jacob Hansen did a killer job, and it was very relaxing working with him. He got the best out of everyone and the sound we were looking for.
Chris: The cover of Global Flatline appears to be a zombie eating Jesus. What inspired this intense album cover?
Sven: That’s merely the digital single cover. The actual album cover is a completely devastated urban landscape with hordes of zombies eating people and what not. The intense album imagery comes with the intense pile of shit that mankind signifies.
Chris: How does this album differ from your previous ones?
Sven: I would say it’s more extreme, brutal, energetic, varied and mature than the previous efforts.
Chris: Extremefest promises to be a pretty brutal event. What do you hope to get out of playing it?
Sven: A good time, many crushed skulls, and destructive mosh pits!
Chris: What do you enjoy most about being on tour?
Sven: Playing shows in front of responsive audiences, meeting new people, hanging out with the other bands on tour, visiting new places and seeing the differences between cultures.
Chris: Are there any shows on your tour schedule that you’re especially looking forward to playing?
Sven: We are going to Brazil for the first time in a few weeks and also playing Norway for the first time in our career this year, so we are pretty excited to see how people bash their skulls in in those places!
Chris: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
Sven: This would vary from member to member, but in general for this band I would say Suffocation Carcass, Entombed, Dismember, and so on! Old school death metal.
Chris: Personally, I enjoy Cannibal Corpse. What was it like sharing the stage with them?
Sven: They are great guys and a killer band, they are simply a monument for death metal and it’s always a pleasure hanging out with them or performing with them. They are literally a testament of dedication to the extreme.
Chris: Where do you see yourselves in one year?
Sven: Touring, playing more shows and playing more death fuckin metal!

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