I CALL FIVES Someone That’s Not You is catchy, listenable

Someone That’s Not You is a four song teaser for the upcoming full length release due in June by Washington Township, NJ’s I Call Fives. It’s often hard to get a good feel for a band based on a teaser, as it’s usually half typical offerings of the band’s songs and half hubris, and this is no exception.

I Call Fives is pop punk in the vein of early 2000’s bands. I would place it post Pulley, pre My Chemical Romance. Talented, interactive, well played drum tracks all through the songs are a highlight from top to bottom. High production values always benefit this style of music, and the multiple layers of vocals and backing vocals go a long way toward keeping this a page turner. That is, until abruptly on the third track, the floor drops out. It’s not that Lakeview, an acoustic track, and the entirely unnecessary cover of Third Eye Blind’s How’s It Gonna Be are bad, it’s more of a matter that the momentum of the first two songs seemed to be leading in a completely different direction until that point. The idea of a teaser EP is to make you want to hear the full album, so I guess the point was made here…. I would definitely point an ear at the full length.

Though I admittedly like my pop punk more like 30footFALL and less like Fenix TX, I find the overall product of I Call Fives ultimately engaging and guaranteed to be thoroughly enjoyed by any 14 year old girl into underground music who isn’t currently idolizing untalented breakdown bands. As well as a confirmed stint on Warped Tour,  I Call Fives will be headlining the last 5 shows of the Pure Noise Records tour, including a stop at Mirador in Binghamton 3/30 and a stop at Bogies in Albany on 3/20, which is coincedentally the day this teaser is released. So get out to the show, check these guys out and buy the E.P.!

-Brian Lawrence

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Tour Dates:

Mar 20 Bogies Albany, NY

Mar 21 Minnehans w/ Forever Came Calling & The American Scene Lakeville, NY

Mar 22 Hardluck Bar Toronto, Canada RSVP

Mar 23 euro gyro Kent, OH

Mar 24 Misfit Lab Fenton, MI

Mar 25 Penny Road Pub w/ The Sheds Barrington, IL

Mar 26 Bangarang S w/The Sheds Covington, KY

Mar 28 Club Soda w/The Sheds London, OH

Mar 28 The Smiling Moose w/The Sheds Pittsburgh, PA

Mar 29 Whitman Sq Men S Club w/The Sheds Turnersville, NJ

Mar 30 Mirador w/The Sheds Binghamton, NY

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