GOOD RIDDANCE reunites, announces first batch of tour dates

After five years of silence since their “final” show, which was recorded for posterity and released under the name ‘Remain in Memory”, Good Riddance has announced that they’ll be returning to the stage. The band had this to say on their website.

“Since that final show I have been asked countless times about getting back together and playing again. I never really considered it an option, seeing as how we’d played our final show (“final” being the key word) and all. When I would ask these people why they wanted us back the most common answer was “The songs! We miss the songs!”

As it turns out we miss them as well.

After nearly five years, Good Riddance has decided to perform as a band again. The number of shows, when and where and all the other specifics have yet to be determined but for those of us who really missed the songs and those of you who maybe never got to see the band play, there will be Good Riddance shows in 2012 and perhaps beyond.”

The band has subsequently announced a handful of European festival dates. Step it up, America! To read the rest of the statement, or see the tour dates, you know, in case you’re planning a trip to Europe for Groezrock, check out the bands site.

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