DOC HOLIDAY’s “Risqué Business” is strong, effective

Doc Holiday, a five-piece band from Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, recently released their album, “Risqué Business”. The album has a distinct thrashcore sound that, in the future, I would think people might hear it and say, “Hey, this is Doc Holiday!” Whether they listen to the song or skip to the next isn’t for me to decide.

The musicianship of the band is definitely there. The drummer and guitarists show some definite talent. They provide the song with strong riffs that can keep the crowd moving, grooving and thrashing. Each song is unique, and can definitely be told from another – A quality we see lacking in quite a few bands these days.

The vocals, in most cases, are strong and effective. However, their vocalist has a certain in-between scream that is less than appealing in some cases. It’s a bit of a cross between a sing and a scream, producing a sound that leaves something to be desired. If you’re going to sing, sing; if you’re going to scream, scream. The half-sing half-scream sound doesn’t seem to work so well.

They incorporate quite a few gang vocals in some of their songs, which give it a good feel. However, the final song is two and a half minutes of a man telling a story. It is of a western theme, and might be good for an intro But, at no point does the entire band play. Personally, this seems like an ineffective way to end an album. This would, in my opinion, make a better intro, or interlude, especially since the song includes the name of the band.

Risqué Business definitely isn’t bad, and I think Doc Holiday has a good thing going for them. However, I think their vocalist needs to decide whether he wants to sing or scream so they can live up to their full potential.


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-Chris Stocking

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