Local Limelight: Utica’s Shattered Envy

Formed in 2009, in Utica, Shattered Envy is making some serious noise in the Upstate metal scene. They are currently ranked #1 on ReverbNation’s metal charts for Utica. The band has shared the stage with bands like Smile Empty Soul, Ice Nine Kills, Taproot and Taking Dawn among others. Shattered Envy also lists band such as Killswitch Engage, Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, Soilwork, and In Flames as major influences. I believe that to be quite accurate as I can hear a little bit of all of those bands in their sound.

Serious attempts are being made by the band to make themselves a stitched and engrained name in other NY cities and beyond. Shattered Envy plans to tour the southern states, and head out west during a tour being planned for this summer. Also of note, triumphant news has broke out since the planning of this very piece. The band has a tentative release date of January 28th for their new CD, Make Your Peace. The recording of this CD has been a long and labored process.

“We are working on the master as we speak. We have spent almost a year working on it.” vocalist Fred Marriott says. “We had some line-up changes that slowed us down, but we are in full force now.”

After listening to some of the new tracks that are in place for the band’s upcoming CD, I am sold that they will be able to navigate their path with ease. First off, the verbal assault that Fred Marriot lays down is thick and of major substance. When listening to the new track, My Congregation, and hearing the inspiring determination lyrically contained, I was jazzed. Over vicious driving grooves, Mr. Marriott proclaims, “You complicate me, With your insecurities, I have the right to disagree, I will disagree.”  I was highly surprised to hear of the inspiration for many of the tunes that will be included on the album.

“When we write a thrash song, I insist on going the traditional political setting route. On songs like Haunting and Fragments, I draw from personal experiences. On some of the other songs like Make Your Peace and Will of Man, I drew from my childhood,” Fred says. He added, “My parents used to make me read passages from the bible before bedtime, not as a punishment though! I also draw from my high school days of being bullied.”

Thematically, the lyrics mash well with an aggressive and brash sound that is somewhat reminiscent of Sirens and Sailors, and Nine Round at times. Chris Marriott and Chris Walters are adept at providing guitar mastery within the framework of the band’s concise sound. Likewise, drummer Kevin Cackett and bassist, Chris Kimball secure a galloping pocket of backbeat magic and chaos.  On the aptly titled track, Defiance, the rage is juxtaposed in a verse screaming, “Like a fist in the mouth, I have this determination.” I am convinced of that indefinitely by the rage that is created within.

Keep up an eye open for the January release of Make Your Peace, and check out Shattered Envy online!

For more information on Shattered Envy-
Facebook: www.facebook.com/shatteredenvy

-Erik Jensen

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