Featured Band: Burn Everything

Rochester’s Burn Everything was formed in the spring of 2007 from the ashes of the band Fallguy. Conisisting of Matt Dalberth handling vocal duties, Damian Marinaccio and Charlie Street On Guitars, Mike Gifaldi as bassist and drummer Tony Castronova, Burn Everything released a 5 song Self-Titled release in August of 2008. Mathy, heavy, and guitar driven, it both stands on its own and shows great potential for the next release all at the same time.

That next release came along in July of 2011 with Last Run Through The Ruins, a 6 song work that feels much more like potential fulfilled. I hate to use a word already in overuse, misuse and overall abuse but from the first runs in Ghost Of the Waves, this effort strikes me as progressive. Sudden tempo changes throughout feel not at all disjointed, which would be far easier to pull off than this effortless sounding, yet extremely astutely played collection of songs. The vocals buck the trend of cookie monster with laryngitis and a dildo filled rectum that most bands in this field resort to. Matt Dalberth’s delivery conveys competent urgency. The lyrical content is dark, well written and vague. Filled with post apocalyptic images of monsters, carnage and death. Just as it should be. Almost every mathy band out there gets compared to Dillinger Escape Plan. This is one of the few bands that deserves the comparison.

Both the Self-titled and Last Run Through The Ruins are available for free download on bandcamp. See the link below to grab them!


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– Brian Lawrence