Borderline Suicide

Borderline Suicide – Many bands have wallowed in obscurity while having the talent to break out into the music business.  Bands have come and gone only leaving remnants of songs and albums in the past.  Too many times we have seen good bands die without proper recognition.  With the release of  “Gone Forever”  by Borderline Suicide in September 2011, we have yet another piece of evidence that incredible musicianship can be found on the outside of confines a label instills.  This album rips through your heart with thrashing guitars, emotional lyrics, and a sound all of its own.  Borderline Suicide has managed to put together an independent album that sets the standards high within the underground. As I listened to each track I was amazed to find out that this release was the first ever for this band from Fulton, New York.  Each song seems to take the listener on an emotional roller coaster starting with, Take It All the Way to Dead Alone.  Most songs on the album stay fresh with a multitude of tempo changes and dramatic breakdowns.  The production of the album could have been better with the backup vocals but overall was solid.  Each song featured harmonizing guitars and vocals that told a story of struggle and pain.  My favorite songs on the album are No One Can See the Light and Punch ‘Em.  Punch ‘Em features the tempo changes that build up to dramatic breakdowns in the song while No One Can See the Light keeps the energy flowing for the listener.  I would highly recommend this album to anyone who enjoys metal music!  The album is priced at $10 each and is available at Soundgarden in Syracuse and Bodified in Oswego, NY.  Albums are also available directly from the band itself on Facebook.

-Rob Born