Superbloom Roars Back with New Single “Falling Up”

On Friday, Brooklyn-native band Superbloom released their new single “Falling Up,” the group’s first new music since their 2021 debut album Pollen.

Superbloom first promoted the single via Facebook and Instagram on April 29, saying “something short, fast and loud coming soon.”

Promotional artwork for “Falling Up” done by Patrick Turk.

Produced by Superbloom, the two-minute “Superbloom” is a grunge track also features mixing & mastering from Zach Tuch, a Los Angeles-based engineer who has worked with Touché Amoré among many others since 2016.

The song’s structure is simple enough, consisting of two verses and choruses each before the moody but melodic track quickly wraps up.

While glossily produced, the song doesn’t remotely shy away from being loud. Shades of My Bloody Valentine-esque shoegaze are there, with Dan Hoon’s soft, layered vocals competing against waves of dirty guitar noise.

“Falling Up” is at its best when it leans into this noisier side. This is on point during the pre-verse/post-chorus section, where vigorously alternating guitar chords blend with an explosion of drumming.

This energy is matched by the angst of the lyrics, which are somewhat ambiguous. “Shit may hit different if you’re sipping off the pain,” Hoon sings at the end of the second verse.

“Falling Up” does a good job showing awareness for pop-grunge conventions of songwriting while not sounding restrained.

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