Monotronic Release New Single “In Between”

New York band Monotronic release new single, “In Between”, on May 27. Monotronic is the brainchild of musician/producer Ramsey Elkholy. “In Between” was recorded in Costa Rica during the pandemic.

Monotronic defines itself as not just a band but “a music collective that defies genre”. Their punchy brand of electronic music features bouncy synths, energetic vocals, and approachable lyrics.

“My friend Dan Freeman has a studio in Nosara, which is on the coast and surrounded by lush jungles,” Elkholy explained. “It’s kind of a hippy place, lots of yoga going on, organic food, ayahuasca retreats. Very simple location, close to nature, which inspired a lot of creativity.

When Elkholy returned to New York he began working on the lyrics. Once they were complete he collaborated with vocalist Russell Graham to record the vocals for the track. Elkholy, Freeman, and engineer Killian Cruiser played and recorded all the instrumental parts on the track, which Cruiser mixed and produced.

Monotronic released its debut album in 2019, which it then followed up with the notable singles “Kids of Summer” and “Buy Yourself a Dream”. Both of which debuted at #1 on VEVO’s Incoming Indie playlist.

There are currently plans for an upcoming music video for “In Between”.

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