Alien Opera House Hosts ‘It’s a Party Fest’ on January 15 in Syracuse

Mad Dabber710, an American musician, hip hop artist, funk producer. and cannabis activist born in Bandera, Texas, will be the host with the most at Alien Opera House for “Its A Party Festival” on January 15 from 3 PM till 2 AM in Syracuse. 2 stages. Green Skylines stage upstairs and Exotic Pop/ Slapwoods stage downstairs.

This past December the Alien Opera House hosted a performance of the Frank White Experience with Lil Cease of Brooklyn artist Notorious BIG. Expect the same variety at the Opera house on January 15 with all day performances by funk, NEO soul, hip hop, reggae, delta blues and indie jazz lounge artists of New York State.


The all day indoor music and arts festival will be hosted by JT Campos Campos portrays Boaz Jimenez on the NETFLIX series Queen of The South. He has been a guest on host BREAL TV’s show Smokebox. DJ Jam Master J’son of Run DMC and DJ Dice Brooklyn of Redman are on the bill. Yo $#! (YOSHI) & the Cat in Da Hat rap and SMX Shawn Seals have slots . Richie Banks and Mike Taylor are playing. Frank Stepanek of Black Uhuru. Moe Betta Tha Goddess and Martin Paul. Colin Aberdeen. Justin James Bridges and Friends. John McConnell & Matt Romano and more! Special ticket packages are available now here!

The Alien Opera House is located on 211 Catawaba Street in Syracuse’s historic Little Italy district. Legendary Italian Conductor Vincent Falcone of Frank Sinatra’s band first cousin Frank Romano’s home is located around the corner in Washington Square Park. The neighborhood is still a sweet melting pot of fine art and rich culture. PhokOuttaHere offers the best blend of Vietnamese cuisine in New York State. Fresh Kola Nuts from the rain forest are available on Salina St at the African & Caribbean Central Market.

Sponsors for ” Its a Party” fest are Exotic Pop, Green Skylines, Slapwoods, Party105, 3D Grow, The Wallflower Hour. The Higher Calling THC and production provided by PVM Entertainment. The Green Skylines stage will be upstairs and the Exotic Pop/Slapwoods Stage will be downstairs at the Alien Opera House.