William ‘Tragedy’ Yager Buys Albany’s Fuze Box

William ‘Tragedy’ Yager bought Albany’s Fuze Box. The entrepreneur will be bringing the club back to it’s counter culture heyday. 

Time Union reported the sale of the Fuze Box on August 10, 2021 to William ‘Tragedy’ Yager. William ‘Tragedy’ Yager owns an array of businesses in Albany known as the ‘Tragic Empire.’ The empire includes Patsy’s Barber Shop, Modern Body Art, Shocker Tattoo Co., Lucky Cat Laundromat, and now the Fuze Box. The empire dedicates itself to uplifting the community of Albany and aims for inclusive style and design, and supports local charitable causes, including the William Yager Memorial Foundation providing educational stipends and addiction services to young adults and their families. 

The Fuze Box cocktail club that offers punk & indie rock shows and has regular DJs sets. It’s a retro-themed space. The building has been around since the early 50’s but became a venue, first called the Q2E Club, back in 1986. Now the Fuze Box will be going back to surviving it’s counter culture and underground scene under its new management. The Fuze Box was listed for sale back in August of 2020 for $244,900.

William ‘Tragedy’ Yager wrote on the Fuze Box’s Facebook wall saying, “I am so excited with all the positive feedback. I am currently giving the place a good bath and decluttering. I look forward to collaborating with everyone to make this a success.  My vision is a museum, memorial every changing art installation. I want to preserve the past as well as encourage the future. Love is the answer.” After signing the message attaching his own personal page to the message with a small follow up afterwards reaching out further to the public saying, “Ps. Inbox me with any ideas or anything at all. Super excited.”

It is unclear when the Fuze Box will reopen but under its new management it is sure to be an exciting reopening for the Albany music scene. 

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