Hispanic Heritage Month Brings Flamenco Dancing to UAlbany PAC

Kicking off Hispanic Heritage month, The UAlbany Performing Arts Center will be presenting two programs the weekend of Friday, October 1.

On October 1, an Evening of Flamenco Music and Film featuring a solo set from Flamenco guitarist Maria Zemantauski will be followed by a screening of Flamenco Vivo’s 6Hilos (6Threads) focusing on the Golden Age of flamenco. Several artists will perform live alongside Flamenco Vivo. Saturday, October 2 will feature a presentation of Tablao Flamenco, with both performances starting at 7:30pm

Founded in 1983, Flamenco Vivo uses flamenco as a power to build bridges between people all over the world. With bases in New York City and Durham, NC it is one of America’s premier flamenco companies. While performing high quality dance works for Hispanic Heritage Month, Flamenco Vivo also provides arts education promoting the next generations of Spanish dance artists and educators. 

Guitarist and composer Maria Zemantauski is based in Upstate New York where she is a teacher, lecturer and performer, and performs across Europe and the continental U.S.  Zematauski is on the faculty in the Department of Fine Arts, Theater Arts & Digital Media at Hudson Valley Community College where she has also been the Coordinator of Cultural Affairs since 2004.

6Hilos (6 Threads) recently premiered in New York City three months ago to show city goers how artists are forced to persevere during this pandemic. Flamenco Vivo’s work pays homage to singers of the “Golden Generation” who have left a legacy of more than 50 years and marked the golden age of flamenco.   

Tablao Flamenco pays homage to Spain’s flamenco cafes. Tablaos are popular places to see flamenco. These performances involve lots of improvisation, the call and response dance offers a neat look into the intersection of music and dancing.Admission to An Evening of Flamenco Music and Film is free. However tickets to the Flamenco Vivo’s performance are $15. Find more information about tickets here

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