Catch the New Weekly Livestream Series ‘Marble Eyes Mondays’

Marble Eyes announces their new weekly livestream series, ‘Marble Eyes Mondays.’ The streaming series will start on January 4, 2021 at 8 PM EST on as well as the Facebook and YouTube pages. 

A newly formed band during the pandemic era of music, Marble Eyes is a collection of national artists Eric Gould (bass, Pink Talking Fish), Adrian Tramontano (drums, Kung Fu), Mike Carter (guitar, The Indobox), and Max Chase (keys, Amulus). The band is based in Portsmouth, NH and has a soulful sound, hoping to bring joy to people across the country by creating brand new inspirational music and want to share this new music with people in this weekly series. 

The band is teaming up with to present a livestream series which will take place every monday ergo the serieses name, “Marble Eyes Mondays,” Marble Eyes will perform a brand new concert every other Monday at 8PM ET. The performances will be hosted at The Press Room in Portsmouth NH. The concerts will be aired on as well as the Facebook and YouTube pages. The series will be taking place every week through April of 2021. 

With the pandemic looming over the music industry still, this will be a very different kind of winter for live entertainment.  Just like most of 2020, most live performances are seeming unlikely for 2021. Because of this, Marble Eyes is giving music lovers an opportunity to get to know a new band during this time of livesteams via this series. There will be unique production added to the shows each month and, along with the existing collection of fresh material, the band will be introducing at least one song debut during each show.

For more information on the the series and the band visit their Facebook page.

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