Hearing Aide: UK’s Lonely Dakota debut EP ‘End of Day’

Lonely Dakota is a UK based southern rock band. What? A UK based southern rock band. If baffled by this identification, the band’s debut EP End of Days will remove any confusion to who they are.

Recorded in April 2019 at Ranch Production House in Southampton, England, End of Days opens with “Victoria,” a bare bones rock anthem. Hearing lead singer Luke ‘VonDee’ Varndell’s raw vocals and Craig ‘The Machine’ Sepala’s authoritative drumming, you’ll find yourself pumping your fist in the air and letting out a YEAH as the song builds. The title track (and first single) “End of Days” follows. The song solidifies the band’s rock status with its hard-hitting drive, highlighted by Paul ‘PJ’ Jackson’s potent guitar work.

Track three is “Medication,” a slight shift melodically from the first two songs but kept to the bands creative dimension. Rounding out the collection are “Overdrive” and “15 Years,” songs that maintain the musical landscape established by the opening numbers.

“End of Day” cover art

So let’s review: UK, southern rock; UK, southern rock. Got it? Doesn’t matter. Just remember that Lonely Dakota’s End of Day will rock you, no matter where you are from.

Key Tracks: End of Days, Medication, 15 Years.

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