Nora Polinnia Releases Resilient Sophomore EP “Present Chronicles”

Nora Polinnia’s sophomore EP, Present Chronicles, is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a heartfelt expression of resilience and a call to action. While residing in New York City, Nora’s music transcends borders and languages, making her an influential voice in the fight for justice.

In her own words, “Yes, indeed, there is a time and place for groovy, happy music – such was my first EP. However, I think that now it is time to clarify my beliefs and the beliefs of those I hold close.”

Present Chronicles is an EP that came to life unexpectedly, driven by the collective pain of Nora’s home country, Ukraine. As she watched the world around her, Nora couldn’t help but wonder how she could make a difference, how she could channel her anger and communicate the Ukrainian people’s struggles to the rest of the world.

The result is a musical journey that delves into themes of resilience, loneliness, betrayal, and the responsibilities that come with our heritage. It’s an exploration of the human experience during times when accepting reality is not an option.

“Some of the songs I wrote didn’t seem war-related to me at all. They didn’t feel like they encapsulated the message I wanted to put out. Some I wrote before the war even began, but soon I realized that they are very relevant. They address all of the emotional factors and burdens that came into play because of what was happening.”

Nora Polinnia

Nora’s Present Chronicles doesn’t aim to invoke pity; it seeks to reveal the anger and resilience of the Ukrainian people and expose the reality of the Russian invasion. Tracks like ‘KGB‘ on the EP boldly challenge Russian propaganda and use ironic lyrics to mock the regime.

This musical project, born out of a deep sense of purpose, carries a message of hope and strength. Nora hopes that her music will serve as a legacy, a testament to the strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people.

Nora Polinnia’s artistry is a reflection of the power of music to inspire change, and her music carries a message of hope and resilience that resonates deeply with her audience.

Listen To “Present ChroniclesHere.

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