Hearing Aide: The Werks ‘Inside A Dream’

The Werks have released their fourth studio album, Inside A Dream, which takes listeners through the wonderment of a dream. Their concept album is full of twists, turns and surprises.  The Werks consists of Chris Houser on guitar, Dan Shaw on keys, Dino Dimitrouleas on bass, and Rob Chafin on drums. Hailing from Ohio, their new album treats fans to fresh sounds with each new song.

The first track, “The Answer,” draws listeners in immediately with slowly building guitar chords full of crunch, as if the music were running from something.  Ever present touches of psychedelia flow throughout. Funkalicious “The Drop” highlights itself as a tune that is perfect for jamming. Extended guitar play leaves wide open spaces for live performance experimentation on this track. Fans should keep an ear out for this one during upcoming shows just to see how they take this to new depths over time.

Chopin’s “Opus 66” gets a ghostly twist with haunting organ and mysterious guitar melody accentuated throughout, taking listeners to a darker dream state with this track. An upbeat “For You” is infused with lighthearted piano and sunlit lyrics, drawing listeners out of the darkness from the previous track. This tune calls for you to get up and dance.

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The distinctive sound of an old piano in a smokey bar takes over during “Give or Take,” maintaining that hopeful feeling as the album continues a dreamy ride. “Find Your Way” is packed with complex arrangement, offering pause and time to reflect on life.

“Inside A Dream,” the title track, shares touches of jazz and funk while it carries a wave of confidence as they sing, “Your dreams are calling out your name.” Don’t be surprised when hitting the repeat button for this track again and again. “Alive” continues the spirited atmosphere of the album as husky vocals and commanding guitar, combined with pounding piano, maintain that ‘can do’ attitude when chasing a dream.

“Not Alone” is the track that lifts self-doubt within a dream. Full of synth and psychedelic undertones, this tune takes a journey through melodic and exploratory notes from start to finish. “Transformational” begins to awaken the album from a dream state with a refreshing touch of African drum beats before seamlessly easing into this dynamic song.

The album finishes with “Waiting Room,” bringing the dream concept full circle.  An uplifting song full of harmony and softened guitar is a perfect ending to the album, as it returns to reality. Inside A Dream fully captures the focus and intent of the band’s concept, having taken listeners on a journey and are able to reflect on their own personal adventures through life.  This well balanced album, full of surprises at every turn, captures the imagination and really nails the concept on the head.

Information regarding the new album, along with tour dates for The Werks, can be found on the band’s official homepage.

Key Tracks: Drop, Inside a Dream, Not Alone

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