Bella Terra, Back and Better Than Ever for 2014

The beautifully scenic back drop of Upstate New York, art, music, and vendors means it must be time for another year of Bella Terra. Since 2009 Bella Terra has made its mark on the Upstate festival scene bringing a collaboration of multi-genre artists that span from Hip Hop, EDM, drum and bass, jam, bluegrass and much more. Since its start, Bella Terra has made its reputation known as a small town, tight knit festival with the capacity for major acts and artists.

The festival will be held this weekend, August 21-24 on Gardner’s Farm in Stephentown, New York. Get your tickets for Bella Terra Music Festival now! Here is a look at the MUST SEE acts this weekend at Bella Terra.


Break Science (8:15-10): A Brooklyn based electronic duo who, since their first arrival on the scene has took the EDM scene on full force making themselves known as one of the best. Borahm Lee spinning and Adam Deitch (Lettuce) on the drums have quickly been acknowledged as one of the must see acts for any music festival.

Indobox (10-11:30): Indobox is an energy packed electronic-dance-rock collaboration of Joey Zarick on guitar, bass and vocals, Mike Carter on guitar and vocals, Steve Learson on keyboards and synth bass, and Jules Jenssen on drums. These guys always bring a solid set of dancing and energy.


Conspirator (8:30-11): A side project of Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein of the Disco Biscuits, Conspirator has attracted attention since their start on the music scene as an electronic-music power house. While their sound differs greatly from their roots in the Biscuits, Conspirator has done a phenomenal job of setting themselves apart and creating a new sound.

Abakus (11-12:15): Russ Davies is a British electronic musician who goes by the alias Abakus as well as Cinnamon Chasers (He will be playing under the alias Cinnamon Chasers on Friday night, 7:30-8:30). Russ Davies separates the two aliases with very separate styles and sounds so it will definitely be interesting to see both acts and see the versatility of this artist.


Digital Dharma (4:30-5:30): Digital Dharma is an Upstate New York native band focusing primarily on improvisational electronic music. Deriving influences from the likes of the Disco Biscuits, The New Deal and Lotus, you will see the similarities in instrumental technique as well as the exponential talent from each member of the band.

DJ Leila (5:15-6): Leila has taken on the drum and bass scene as perhaps one of the most well known female DJs in the Capital District. Don’t get it twisted: the fact that she is female doesn’t set her apart from the male dominated DJ world, it is her raw and unbridled talent and love for the dirty bass and beats that makes her one of the best. Make sure you check her out at the Red Bull Truck.

Dr. Fameus(5:30-7:30): Dr. Fameus is Allen Aucoin, drummer of the Disco Biscuits, with a side project as an outlet to delve further into the melding of drums and electronic music. Obviously it is very drum-centered and it may throw you off to see that the only person on stage is sitting behind a drum set, nonetheless it is not an act you want to miss.


Jimkata  (4:30-5:30): A staple of the Northeast jam-scene since as early as 2006, Jimkata has made their mark in the world of music. With a devoted following and a unique sound this is one Sunday act you certainly do not want to miss.

Mentally Ill (5:45-6:30): Mentally Ill takes the stage with vengeance and his sets are certainly not for the weak of heart. Leading the Albany drum and bass scene for years Mentally Ill (along with his counterpart Leila) have single-handedly introduced the Upstate music scene to a world of heavy bass and shattering beats. Make sure you get down to his Sunday set for some day-time dNb.

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