Jimkata with Dirty Paris, September 20th at Red Square

Jimkata embarked on their ‘Die Digital’ Fall Tour last week and made a stop in Albany at Red Square to get things rolling, and opener Dirty Paris was a perfect selection as their electronic dance music finds a great groove and sticks with it, not looking for an easy out. Take a song and they’ll make a rager of it, and damn well at that. You can get lost in their jams for the longest time before the jam changes tempo and you’re catching up to pace. Dirty Paris is traveling and writing but expect them to be back in Albany and  surrounding areas as winter approaches.

Jimkata drew quite a crowd for a Thursday and treated the crowd to much of their new album Die Digital and some classics. The intro bled into “Release” followed by a great duo in “Feed”->”Chalice”.  “Fiction” was an immense highlight, with Eric shredding through a jam, an extended explosion of Super Mario coins. Intense, thorough and patient jams could be found in LegoLand, Electronic Stone and Chainstore. An encore of an older number, “One to Ten” was met with great thanks after the show from the crowd, while “Die Digital” makes the album version seem basic by comparison; this song mutates into a huge set closer live. While Die Digital is a great album, live > studio, and that’s a good thing.

Of note, the band has some impressive lighting, especially for an up and coming band. In the back of Red Square, the back wall was lit with rows of small twinkling LED lights that moved in waves as a perfect accent to the music, while the low front stage lights gave the band their own 5th member,  in sync throughout the show.

Setlist: Intro, Release, Feed->Chalice, Punches->Fiction, Niteshade->When The Day Comes, Legoland, Place of Dreams, Electronic Stone, American Cars, Chainstore

Encore: One to Ten, Die Digital