New York Singles: Ben Cuomo’s “Single Packs”

New York multi-instrumentalist and producer Ben Cuomo has released two of four what he refers to as “single packs”, entitled “It’s still about you, Lucy” and “Smoke Sits.” Each single is accompanied by an additional intro and outro track, inspired by his background in ambient jazz.  

ben cuomo
Photo by @maevelovesyouu

“It’s still about you, Lucy,” officially released on February 7, 2024, was co-written by Cuomo and Brigid Hart. Cuomo says that “teaming up with genius folk singer-songwriter Brigid Hart helped me access the indie folk world after obsessing over artists like Blake Mills, Big Thief, Phoebe Bridgers, Nick Hakim and Luke Temple”. 

Photo by @maevelovesyouu

Ben Cuomo recorded bass, piano, synthesizer, and percussion on the release. He is also the projects engineer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer. Brigid Hart is accredited with vocals, guitar and shruti box (an instrument of the Indian Subcontinent which is known for its drone accompaniment). Shanne Garcia is also an accredited vocalist. 

“Lucy’s Intro” immediately sets the soundscape and vibe for the single pack. A droning background paired with classical jazz paints the scene before perfectly transitioning into the single, “It’s still about you, Lucy”.

Hauntingly beautiful vocal harmonies paired with acoustic guitar just scratch the surface of this extremely well produced track. The vocals complement each other so well, and their strong musical chemistry creates this ethereal quality that transports you during the four and a half minute single.  

“Lucy’s Outro” transitions into a solo jazz and classical influenced piano piece, painting the picture of watching the Sunday morning rain hit your windowsill. Cuomo’s recording technique and his ability to create these mental images in his music is powerful, and very well done. 

Photo by @maevelovesyouu

The second “single pack” in Cuomo’s series, Smoke Sits features artists and co-writers JAYA and Ben Milstein. It was officially released on April 19th. Containing a mysterious introduction which notably features JAYA on bass clarinet and flute entitled “Smokes Sits Intro”, this once again perfectly transitions into the folk and indie inspired “Smoke Sits”, tackling the difficulties of leaving home and starting anew, featuring the samples of past works of Cuomo, as well as a poem written by his friend Coral.

Cuomo is a tremendous producer and engineer, and his work in the studio on these “single packs” is nothing short of outstanding and professional.  Find out more about Ben Cuomo at

“It’s still about you, Lucy” is currently available on all streaming services [here].

“Smoke Sits” is currently available on all streaming services [here].

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