Buffalo Welcomes the Savannah Bananas the Firefighters, for Exciting Banana Ball Series

In Buffalo, from July 5-7, the Savannah Bananas‘ made their latest stop as part of their 2024 world tour. Moreover fans eagerly anticipated the arrival of Banana Ball’s newest team, the Firefighters. This series marked three games out of 19 on the Bananas’ tour schedule.

The previous series saw the Bananas and the Party Animals clash in Savannah and Las Vegas, with the Bananas also having faced off against the Firefighters in Nashville and Savannah.

The Firefighters made their much-anticipated debut on May 30, shaking up the tour dynamics. Traditionally, the Bananas exclusively faced the Party Animals in each World Tour game until now. With the introduction of the Firefighters, both the Bananas and the Party Animals will compete against this new team. Notably, the Party Animals are set for their own 12-game headline leg of the Tour.

Over the course of this three-game series at Sahlen Field, more than 49,000 fans were entertained. The Bananas currently lead the 2024 Tour with a record of 31-22, having recently clinched a series victory in Indianapolis. The Bananas have now won all three of their games played in Buffalo.

Who are the Savannah Bananas?

For local interest, pitcher Ryan Kellogg of the Bananas hails from Whitby, Ontario, Canada. The Bananas’ journey began in 2015 in Savannah, where they revitalized baseball with a focus on fun and fan engagement. Despite early challenges, including financial strain that led owners Jesse and Emily Cole to sell their home, the team gained national attention upon adopting the name Savannah Bananas in 2016. Initially controversial, the name brought significant media coverage and packed stadiums, setting a precedent for their success.

After seven seasons in the Coastal Plain League, during which they won three Petitt Cup Championships and saw over 35 players drafted, the Bananas transitioned to year-round Banana Ball, a faster-paced and more entertaining version of baseball. Now fielding three independent professional teams—the Savannah Bananas, the Party Animals, and the Firefighters—the organization continues to innovate and expand its impact on the sport.

07062024_Savannah Bananas Buffalo Salen Field_Mike Miller

Banana Ball is defined by its unique set of 11 rules aimed at keeping the game exciting and competitive. This year, a new rule called the GOLDEN BATTER has been introduced, allowing each team one opportunity per game to send any hitter to the plate, regardless of their position in the lineup or the game situation. This rule is designed to intensify close games and offer a strategic advantage to either team.

07062024_Savannah Bananas Buffalo Salen Field_Mike Miller
07062024_Savannah Bananas Buffalo Salen Field_Mike Miller

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