The Chesterfield Kings Bring Back The Sounds Of The 60’s With 2 Singles

Rochester band, The Chesterfield Kings just released two new singles, “Fly The Astral Plane ” and a cover of one “So Sad About Us” from one of their inspirations, The Who.

The Rochester based band has released 11 albums.

The band’s frontman, Andy Babiuk says he wrote the song “with a more psychedelic approach.” Despite their east coast beginnings, “Fly The Astral Plane” sounds like the soundtrack to a 60’s San Francisco summer.  “The lyrics can have a double meaning depending on what you’re into. But if you close your eyes and listen, you’ll get there,” Babiuk said.

“So Sad About us” is more uplifting with its production than The Who’s version but still stays true to the band’s sound. The 7-inch cover is reminiscent of the hey-day of psychedelic rock. 

The band formed in the late 70’s, are bringing back the classic rock sounds. Together the five piece band have released 11 albums and made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well as Late Night with Conan O’Brien. In 2009, they hiatus but recently came back to record and perform together. 

Thus, next year, the band will join a lineup of other bands and artists from May 9-13 as part of Little Stevens Underground Garage Cruise. Rock fans will have the opportunity to sail from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas while listening to punk and classic rock bands.
You can stream The Chesterfield King’s singles on any streaming service and find more information on their website.

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