2024 Caramoor American Roots Festival 

The 2024 Caramoor American Roots Festival was held on Saturday, June 29, 2024. The festival featured blues, Americana, folk, and bluegrass music with a stellar lineup featuring Lizzie No, Solomon Hicks, Fantastic Cat, Poor Monroe, Hopalong Andrew, and headliner Madison Cunningham.  Attendees were treated to a day of entertainment in a distinctive setting.

Milton opening the festival
Milton opening the festival

Nestled in a secluded part of northern Westchester County, the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts welcomes its visitors as they pass through a gate which reveals the sprawling 90-acre property. This  welcoming gesture sets the tone for the immersive Caramoor experience.

Hopalong Andrew entertaining children in the Sunken Garden

The festival was divided into two sessions: daytime and nighttime.  During the day, performances were spread across multiple locations within the center, while the evening session culminated with Madison Cunningham’s performance in the Venetian Theater.

Friends Field

Daytime performers had the chance to showcase their talents twice by performing in two of the four distinct show spaces throughout the day.  This two-set format allowed attendees to catch every act without having to choose who to listen to.  A map is provided to guide you through the vast expanse of the Caramoor Center.  Each show location is sufficiently distant from the other and offers a unique listening experience.

Lizzie No with a young fan enjoying her performance

The Sunken Garden presented the most intimate setting, as it is nestled in a clearing among the trees.  This charming location allowed the music to resonate in its purest form.  Many at the festival brought their children.  The garden proved to be an ideal spot for Hopalong Andrew’s family-oriented set, which encouraged interaction with the children in a tranquil setting.  Poor Monroe, a bluegrass band that followed Andrew, equated the location to the origins of their musical genre and the natural materials of their instruments.

Fantastic Cat performing in the Spanish Courtyard
Fantastic Cat performing in the Spanish Courtyard

The Spanish Courtyard is situated inside the Rosen House, a Mediterranean-style stucco villa built in the 1930s.  Originally the summer home of the Rosen family, the property was donated and converted into a center for the arts and music after the death of their son in World War II.

The Spanish Courtyard is described by Caramoor as “Spanish under the influence of the Italian Renaissance.”  The picturesque courtyard with its arched walkways and central fountain, provided an unusual yet enchanting setting for a rock show.  Fantastic Cat embraced this unique space with, as they dubbed it, a “spayed and neutered” acoustic set, before delivering a full-on electric performance later in the day at the Venetian Theater.

John  Platt WFUV introducing performers
WFUV’s John Platt introducing performers

The third location, Friends Field, offered a spacious environment.  Visitors could relax on blankets or chairs and enjoy great sightlines to the large stage.  The grassy field also served as a soft dance floor for those so inclined.  Singer-songwriter Milton opened this stage, and was followed by Lizzie No and Poor Monroe, with Harlem blues aficionado Solomon Hicks closing out the daytime session.

After the conclusion of the day session, Grammy Award winner Madison Cunningham and her band closed out the evening with a heartfelt performance in the open-air Venetian Theater, leaving the audience thoroughly appreciative. 

Bluesman Solomon Hicks closing the day session

Festivals bring to mind crowds, long lines, and tight spaces.  Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts started presenting music in 1945. They have learned the best use of the 90 acres offering space for the attendees, performances that do not compete against each other, as well as providing a special place for everyone to enjoy the arts.

Headliner Madison Cunningham / Photo : Gabe Palacio

The American Roots Music Festival is just one of the many curated musical events that take place at Caramoor.  Caramoor has a full lineup of musical happenings throughout the year.  Check their website for more details.


Hopalong Andrew

Lizzie No

Fantastic Cat

Poor Monroe

Solomon Hicks

Madison Cunningham

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