Crandell Theatre to Screen Iconic Hollywood Films

Beginning Friday, July 5, the Crandell Theatre in Chatham, NY, will screen iconic Hollywood movies throughout the summer months. Ranging from science fiction to classic comedies, the Crandell Theatre offers a series of fantastic, nostalgic films for the entire family.

crandell theatre

Built in 1926 by Walter S. Crandell, the theater was an architectural marvel in the town of Chatham. The Spanish Renaissance style created an “atmospheric theater” for the auditorium, providing a comforting space for the over 500 seats. Anthony Quirino purchased the theatre in 1960. For 50 years, it was owned and operated by the Quirino family, until Anthony’s son, Tony, died in 2010.

Following Quirino’s death, the Crandell was closed and faced an uncertain future. With an outpouring of community support and the leadership of the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation, Lael Locke, and Judy Grunberg, the Chatham Film Club (CFC) raised approximately $600,000 to buy the theater and make repairs.

Despite its small size, The Crandell Theatre is an incredible historic venue that makes a big impact. The theater is one of fewer than one hundred single-screen theaters in the United States and one of the few non-profit theaters nationwide. In 1998, the CFC began hosting independent film nights, promoting the works of local and regional filmmakers.

In 2000, the CFC hosted the first ever FilmColumbia festival, originally for one weekend during the year. Two decades later, FilmColumbia expanded to a 10-day-long affair. Since 2010, Crandell Theatre Inc. has raised over $1 million for renovations and continues to enhance the moviegoing experience for generations to come.

Theatre Schedule

First up on the list of Hollywood classics is Stephen Spielberg’s iconic film Jaws. The series will also include such fan favorites as Saturday Night Fever, The Big Lebowski, Dirty Dancing, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope (the 1977 original), The Godfather, Jurassic Park, and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Minions will screen at 10 am on July 13 for free during the annual Chatham Summerfest. These films will be screened in addition to regular new releases. Below is the schedule for screenings at the Crandell Theatre. For ticket information, visit their website here.

“Hollywood Summer Nights” Crandell Theatre Movies Schedule

July 5, 7 pm Jaws

July 6, 7 pm Saturday Night Fever

July 13, 10 am Minions *FREE* (Part of Chatham Summerfest)

July 13, 7 pm The Big Lebowski

July 19, 7 pm Dirty Dancing

July 26, 7 pm Pulp Fiction

August 9, 7 pm Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

August 16, 7 pm The Godfather

August *TBA* Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

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