Lake George Shepard Park Bandstand Destroyed in Fire

On Sunday, June 30 at 3:52am, flames consumed the Lake George Village Bandstand in Shepard Park. The bandstand – located at the heart of the village hosts numerous summer concerts. Due to the fire, the future of Lake George’s summer concerts is now uncertain.

The Lake George Village Bandstand before the fire

For years, Shepard Park has been a Summer staple in Lake George. Located in the heart of the village, the park offers beach access to the lake. On top of aquatic fun, the park has attracted countless visitors with its picnicking, and playground spaces.

At the center of the park stood the Lake George Village Bandstand. The bandstand takes the form of a stone amphitheater facing a newly renovated wooden concert stage. The amphitheater provided Lake George residents with a premier outdoor concert venue with great views of the lake.

Since its 2017 renovation, the bandstand has hosted Lake George’s free summer concerts. Starting in June 2024, a host of weekly performances were slated for the Summer. The venue planned to host performances from local bands as part of its Concert Series Wednesdays, Tribute Tuesdays, and Fridays at the Lake. In addition to this, the bandstand planned to host multiple rock, jazz, and pop music festivals. 

These plans were thrown into disarray on Sunday morning when the Village Bandstand went up in flames. At 3:42am the Lake George fire department received a call regarding the fire and quickly responded with aid from North Queensbury Fire. Authorities say there were no injuries in the fire, but the bandstand structure suffered severe damage. The Post Star newspaper was among the first to report on the fire, posting this video of the aftermath to their website.

Reportedly, the fire began in a locked utility room adjacent to the stage, with an electrical cause confirmed by multiple inspectors and agencies involved. “All indication says that’s where it started. Nobody could have gotten in there because a padlock was still on the charred remains of the locked door,” said Ray Perry, Mayor of the Lake George Village, to the Post Star.

The fire has led to an outpouring of support from performing artists. Glens Falls band Seize Atlantis wrote on Instagram “Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by this from the music community to the entire 518 community at large.” Guitarist James Mullen spoke to NYS Music regarding a benefit concert for the lost venue, “Hopefully we can put together something special and help heal and rebuild for the LG community. We can’t just let this space go.”

A photo of the bandstand remnants from Seize Atlantis’ instagram post

Since the fire, the future of Lake George’s Summer concerts has been unclear. Mayor Ray Perry remains dedicated to keeping the venue’s concert plans on track, telling the Chronicle “ I’m just trying to save the summer.” Deputy Mayor Joseph Mastrodomenico Jr added “we will do what we can as soon as we can To somehow make our summer activities continue.”

Jim Anderson, Fridays at the Lake promoter, told NYS Music “We have an immediate plan that will let us play this Friday (July 5) and we are working on the longer term solution which will allow us to play all shows on the schedule.”

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