Jazz Icon Max Redko Offers Piano Master Class at Kaufman Center

On Tuesday, July 2, jazz piano visionary Max Redko will offer a master class on new developments in jazz theory. Attendees will learn and discuss new techniques and theories from an incredibly gifted and highly acclaimed professional. For all those who wish to attend, the master class is located in Manhattan’s own Kaufman Center at 7 pm.

max redko

The basis of Max Redko’s master class is the art of improvisation. Redko believes that the musical structures, especially for jazz, are incredibly antiquated. For decades, musicians learned that jazz is composed according to a specific standard. Rules about chord progressions, rhythm, and meter created a “norm” for the genre. Deviation from this standard was actively discouraged.

While musicians obviously hold these practices in high regard, these old-fashioned techniques prevented them from being able to create newer, fresher music. Musicians have stuck to what is reliable, instead of taking the risks essential to the art of jazz. Reliance on the “correct” theory forced jazz musicians to play pre-composed music learned by heart, which steered away from the core meaning of the genre—improvisation.

Redko’s master class plans on changing these ideas entirely. As the author of the Theory of Harmony of Music, Max Redko made a name for himself through his revolutionary theories in the world of jazz. Redko was the first who explain how to harmonize any note using all existing methods. His theory challenges ideas of the past and offers musicians an opportunity to embrace the spontaneity of jazz while giving the player complete autonomy.

Every time you listen to a pianist, you hear music that
characterizes past times, mainly retro style, while art must reflect modernity. The world
needs new quality!

Max Redko

For more information on Max Redko, his classes, and private lesson information, visit his website here. Sign up for the master class using this link.

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