Dispatch and Stolen Gin serenade the moon at Art Park

Dispatch performed on a cloudy summer evening at Artpark on Friday, June 28. Thousands gathered at the outdoor venue, located on the edge of the Niagara Gorge to see Dispatch, a band that performs a mixture of indie, reggae, rock and folk. Stolen Gin opened the show. 

Stolen Gin has been around for 5 years and they are known for indie, pop, funk and rock, said the drummer, Josh. This is their first show touring with Dispatch in 2024. Stolen Gin gave the crowd a unique taste of their music throughout the show and set the stage for the Dispatch.

As the sun went down, Dispatch took the stage as the gentle breeze carried into the crowd. They seamlessly transitioned between genres, and the band members swapped instruments throughout their set. The memorable moment was when Brad Corrigan wrote a song about the moon on the stage after he saw the street light and thought that it was a full moon. The lyrics went “I see three moons, maybe four. There are more coming for more, we eat berries in the woods”. He said I will keep working on that song until we all sing together. Fans were singing along and dancing along as they played their iconic songs “The General”, “Bang Bang”, “Only The Wild Ones” and “Bond By Love”. Dispatch ended the show with a Birthday song for the band member Matt Embree who play guitar and bass. 

Dispatch will continue their US tour throughout 2024. They will come back to the gorgeous vanue Artpark to singalong with their audience in near future.



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