Hudson Valley Band AM Gold Releases Self-Titled Album

The two-piece rock band, AM Gold, just released their long awaited, self-titled album on all streaming platforms.

Am gold

Today, Aaron Magram and Dana Fasano make up the rock band. When the project first started, AM Gold was Magram’s solo work. Between 2017 and 2020 he released three albums, Fuckin’ A, Love Pharmaceuticals & Smooth Jazz and SuperUltraMegaMediocre along with their two EPs, Xanax and Aww Yeah!

In late 2022, the project was re-born and Magram and Fasano started to perform together. Originally, the two wanted to find other bandmates to fill out their sound more, but with the help of music technology, they no longer have that need.

With octave and vocal pedals along with guitar looping, AM Gold sounded like a full band. Recordings for this new album started in early 2024 at Magram’s home studio with the help of Bob Hershberger, who professionally mastered the album.

Am gold

In preparation for the new album they’ve released three singles, “Unto You,” “Use Your Delusions I” and “Tell Me.” 

Listening to AM Gold is like taking a journey through rock history. You can find the resemblance to 80’s hair rock with the opening track “Word of God” as well as “About Me.” Their intense guitar instrumentations and harsh vocals speak to the inspiration. “Sleight of Hand” is a more easy-going carefree 70’s style song. 

Although this grunge punk album has clear inspiration, it is original and unique to AM Gold’s style. Their mixing and instrumentation is exactly the modern touch rock music needs in 2024.

AM Gold also has some performance dates in the Hudson Valley and you can find more information about it on their website.

AM Gold Tour Dates

July 18: Green Hill, Kingston, NY

Aug 8: Keegan Ales, Kingston, NY

Aug 24: Rushing Duck Brewing Company, Chester, NY

Sept 7: Tinker Street Tavern, Woodstock, NY

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