Cake Return to Ommegang Brewery to Kick Off Summer

Cake returned to Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown, on Saturday, June 22, greeting over 7,000 fans who went the distance to attend this sold-out show in Central New York during a heat wave.

Cake Ommegang

Cake, from California, has been around since the 1990s and has released original songs (“Going the Distance,” “Short Skirt” and “A Long Jacket”) and covers (“I Will Survive”) that never seem to age. Cake always makes an effort to stop in New York throughout their tours. This show was the fourth time Cake has been invited to play at the Ommegang Brewery.

Cake Ommegang

Although Cake isn’t from New York, it felt like a homecoming show. The backdrop of the stage and the tree on stage blended into the mountains of New York surrounding the brewery and stage. The show opened melodically with Willie Nelsons’ ‘Sad Songs and Waltzes’ before launching into back to back songs from across their entire song catalogue – “Opera Singer,” “Rock and Roll Lifestyle,” “Long Time,” “Frank Sinatra”. Lead singer, Jon McCrea, who’s voice hasn’t aged a bit, also wasn’t stingy in use of the famous vibraslap throughout their set especially since many audience members egged him on by playing their own vibraslaps from the crowd.

The show slowed back down for ‘Mexico’ and the fans’ voiced echoes the words and melodies back to them. The frontman explained that they usually stop for a set break but they would continue to play ‘Shadow Stabbing’ and fight the impeding storm to stay away.

Cake Ommegang

Sadly, lightning struck right after the song concluded and everyone was asked to evacuate the grounds to wait out the storm. Emails were sent out at around 10pm stating the show was cancelled, despite most people lacking any phone reception in the mountains to receive the update.

People went home soggy and disappointed after a short and sweet show and an hour long wait to know if the show would continue. But many Cake fans were satisfied to hear and singalong to songs old and new on a mostly beautiful day in New York and were relieved to know Cake will still be touring.

Cake is heading back to California to continue their tour in July. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps they will be back to Ommegang soon to finish the show they started and plant a tree for the Cake Forest.

Cake – Ommegang Brewery, Cooperstown, NY – Saturday, June 22, 2024

Setlist: Sad Songs and Waltzes, Opera singer, Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, Long Time, Rock and Roll Lifestyle, Meanwhile, Rick James…, Frank Sinatra, Sheep Go To Heaven, Mexico, Shadow Stabbing

Cake Ommegang

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