War Cannon Spirits in Crown Point Debuts “The Loft” After Intense Restoration

Located right along the scenic Champlain Valley, sandwiched between New York and Vermont, lies the town of Crown Point, NY. The town is home to the recently renovated War Cannon Spirits, a bar and live music venue with a rich history and a unique, authentic architectural heritage.

war cannon spirits
The Tasting Room

Originally used as a lumber mill, the building has been standing for over 200 years and has had several owners. The building was erected in 1820 and conveniently located near Putnam Creek, where the previous dam, along with the ponds behind the building, served as the perfect location for the town’s mill. Several decades later, the mill would see multiple different owners, usually continuing its lumber production. The Crown Point Cooperative G.L.F. Service bought the building in 1933, producing lumber and wooden products.

In 1957, the service sold the building, and for the first time, it was not used as a mill. For the next 50 years, the mill became the Crown Point Agway, locally known as “The Old Agway Building.” In 2000, it operated as Porter’s Mill Hardware & Feed. Unfortunately, the location was abandoned after only 8 years.

After years of abandonment, War Cannon Spirits purchased the mill in 2016. Since then, they have renovated the building to capture its full potential as a bar, distillery, and restaurant, while restoring its former glory. Through constant use, harsh weather conditions, and neglect, two centuries of costly damage amounted to the building. The mill was in dire condition, but War Cannon Spirits was determined to maintain its integrity.

History, authenticity and creativity matter to us. Demolishing the mill would have been an injustice to the community.

War Cannon Spirits, “History”

This year, War Cannon Spirits have officially finished renovations on the abandoned mill. The last seven years were a slow, painstaking process for the company. Fixing damages from the last 200 years of neglect is no easy task. However, after all this time, a fully renovated mill and upper floor known as “The Loft” is ready to make its debut.

Since 2016, War Cannon Spirits has repurposed the 200-year-old mill into an elevated industrial rustic building oozing with character. Integrity was especially important to the company, which swore to preserve the history of the mill. The company and regional architect Nils Luderowski gave the mill a much-needed makeover. The recent renovations make the mill something the community can be proud of. There is no doubt that War Cannon Spirits will make the mill an iconic destination for Crown Point.

We sought an iconic venue to boldly represent War Cannon Spirits. We wanted something authentic, not a generic prefabricated building or pole barn.

War Cannon Spirits, “About Us”

As a distillery, War Cannon Spirits is a firm believer in promoting the spirits produced in the Lake Champlain region. Since the company began, they partnered with regarded chief distiller Joel Elder, due to his specific focus and experience on locally sourced agribusinesses. The distillery offers whiskey, beer, mead, liquor, and other alcoholic beverages resourced in the area. They are also distributors of other New York-based brands, spanning as far away as Long Island.

War Cannon Spirits is divided into two floors. The first floor, which managed to stay intact during most of the renovations, is the Tasting Room. The Tasting Room offers selections of these products, including a bar with its own signature cocktails and a coffeehouse. Next to the bar is a restaurant and dining area with an elevated pub fare-type menu and one-off high-end dining experiences.

war cannon spirits
Nancie Battaglia

The most recent and notable addition to War Cannon Spirits is The Loft. Located on the second floor, The Loft offers a large stage perfect for concerts and live performances. This year marks the beginning of War Cannon Spirits hosting concerts, starting with a live performance from “A Man Named Cash” featuring Eric Hofmanis, a tribute to Johnny Cash and June Carter on June 15.

war cannon spirits

After seven long years, War Cannon Spirits is ready to showcase the best of what Crown Point has to offer. The highly anticipated opening of the distillery’s Loft is expected to officially put War Cannon spirits on the map. But from what they have been able to accomplish so far, it’s clear that this is only the beginning for the brand.

Tickets and information for events at The Loft at War Cannon Spirits are available here.

War Cannon Spirits Upcoming Events

Friday, July 12 @ 7:00 pm – Roadhouse 60’s Jukebox Rock n Roll

Roadhouse 60’s is a New York-based tribute band dedicated to bringing the audience the sweet sounds of the 1960s. Join them on July 12 at the Loft at War Cannon Spirits for a night of 60’s nostalgia.

Friday, August 30 @ 7:00 pm – Roadhouse 60’s Jukebox Rock n Roll

Roadhouse 60s make their return to the Loft at War Cannon Spirits on August 30th!

Saturday, October 19 @ 8:00 pm – KISS THIS! KISS Tribute – Fully Electric & Live at the “Birthplace of the Electric Age”

Performing a full KISS tribute show, including makeup and costumes, is tribute band KISS THIS! 

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