In Focus: Kris Davis & Lutosławski Quartet at Dizzy’s Club

On Thursday, June 13 the 8th Jazztopad Festival kicked off with performances from composer and pianist Kris Davis accompanied by the Lutosławski Quartet at Dizzy’s Club of Jazz At Lincoln Center. 

Jazztopad Festival at Dizzy's Club

The Jazztopad Festival, running from June 13 to 27, will have shows across New York, Philadelphia, and Canada. The Polish festival celebrates Jazz music and the talents of musicians worldwide. By bringing Jazztopad to North America and legendary venues like Dizzy’s Club, the music and artists featured are exposed to new audiences. Its partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute New York makes the festival possible.

Jazztopad Festival at Dizzy's Club

Thursday’s performance included the premiere of Kris Davis’ new piece “The Solastalgia Suite,” written for the Lutosławski Quartet. Specifically, this show marks the first time she composed for strings. The quartet includes Roksana Kwaśnikowska on 1st violin, Marcin Markowicz on 2nd violin, Artur Rozmysłowicz on the viola, and Maciej Młodawski on the cello.

The first piece played, “The Solastalgia Suite,” started slow and bitter, as the audience patiently anticipated the brand-new composition. The music eventually built up to the extravagant song everyone was waiting for. Undeniably, attendees’ genuine respect and appreciation for the music echoed throughout the room. As Davis led on the piano and the Quartet responded accordingly, their synchronization exemplified their talents.

Set to the backdrop of the sun setting on the iconic Columbus Circle view, the performance began the festival with a heartwarming and celebratory experience.

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