EagleMania Music Festival Coming to North Creek

On August 24, EagleMania will return to North Creek, NY, for their headlining EagleMania Music Festival. The festival includes two live performances from The Brass Machine and the World’s Greatest Eagles Tribute Band, EagleMania.

eaglemania music festival
EagleMania Music Fest – official website

Set against the backdrop of Gore Mountain, fans and attendees have the opportunity to explore the scenic location during the festival. All tickets include a pass for a complimentary skyride along the Northwoods Gondola. This gives fans the ability to hike, camp, or enjoy the views around them, all while listening to music we all know and love.

For over a decade, EagleMania has performed all over the country. Eagles, one of one the biggest bands of all time, had a major influence over thousands of fans. As lifelong fans of the classic rock band, EagleMania has dedicated their band to replicating their classic, steady sound. The band is comprised of five members, all with different experiences, stories, and expertise. However, there is one thing they all share in common, and that is their love for Eagles’ music.

Joining a little over ten years ago, EagleMania has gone through several lineups. For the last few years, the band’s official seven members: Frankie Reno, Marc Hoffman, Ken Darcy, John Gaechter, Dennis Espatman, Ron Negro, and Josh Leclerc, have been bringing their Eagles tribute all over the country. Yet, they still remained one of the biggest tribute bands of the decade. Their slogan, “The World’s Greatest Eagles Tribute Band,” exists for a reason. Since the creation of the band, they have promised to bring audiences an authentic, well-developed replication of Eagles’ music. Through thorough breakdowns of albums, hundreds of hours practicing, and a decade of performing, EagleMania has proven that they are nothing if not deserving of the title.

Below is the lineup and information on the bands performing at EagleMania Music Festival. For ticket and festival information, visit here.

August 24 @ 1:00 pm – The Brass Machine

Led by frontman “Kidd” Kyle Yagielski, The Brass Machine is one of the hottest brass bands on the scene. Formed in Buffalo, NY, The Brass Machine features a rotating cast of musicians for each performance and includes a huge variety of horns, guitars, keys, drums, and more. They have performed with many noteworthy groups, such as Earth, Wind, and Fire, and several music festivals. With The Brass Machine, no two shows are ever the same! Join them at 1:00 pm for an opener that weaves together funk, jazz, and R&B.

eaglemania music festival
The Brass Machine – official website

August 24 @ 3:30 pm – EagleMania

EagleMania will be headlining the festival, following the performance of The Brass Machine. The EagleMania show consists of authentic, show-stopping renditions of Eagles’ greatest hits, as well as music from the solo acts of Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and Joe Walsh. Join the World’s Greatest Eagles Tribute Band for their performance of the songs you know and love at 3:30 pm.

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