Governors Ball Day 2: Sabrina Carpenter, Hippo Campus, The Killers, And More

Governors Ball 2024 kicked off bright and early for Day 2 on Saturday, June 8, continuing the party from Day 1 at Flushing Meadows Park. Once the gate reopened to the masses, music fans ran to stake out their spots in anticipation of all the talent Saturday had to offer.

TV Girl, Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Anna Downs

On the IHG Stage, Little Stranger from Charleston, SC delivered a funky, high-energy set with distorted guitar riffs and vibey trumpet and saxophone backups. Their indie rap-pop style shone through in songs like “Coffee & a Joint,” resonating well with the crowd. The playful and fun performance featured futuristic yet relaxed synth sounds, with lead vocalist Kevin Shields joking, “everything’s legal so you can do whatever you want today, I heard it from the governor himself*.” Their set was full of banter, hyping up later acts like Sexxy Red and keeping the audience engaged and entertained.
*Ed. Note: New York State’s Governor is Kathy Hochul.

Telescreens, Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Josh Sobel

The GovBallNYC Stage saw a dynamic start with New York City-based indie rock band Telescreens played a hometown show that drew out a dedicated early crowd. Fans went hard in the pit during “Don’t Feel Nothing,” and the band expressed excitement about finally playing their first festival after seven years together. The set closed with a circle pit and moshing, capturing the raw energy of the fans.

Quarters of Change, Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Lucas Kurzweil

Following up, Quarters of Change, whose experimental alternative rock blended seamlessly with melodic hip hop, setting a high-energy tone for the day. Following them, Jessie Murph captivated the audience with her unique country pop sound, delivering heartfelt performances that resonated deeply with fans.

Jessie Murph, Day 2 Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Lucas Kurzweil

As the sun began to set on Day 2 of Governors Ball 2024, Hippo Campus took over the IHG Stage, bringing their indie pop folk sound to life. The Minnesota band delivered a series of hits including “Ride or Die,” “Everything at Once,” and “Bad Dream Baby.” Their witty banter, including comments like “your parents may not love you but Hippo Campus loves you,” endeared them to the crowd, creating a fun and lively atmosphere.

Riovaz, Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Lucas Kurzweil

Over at the GoPuff Stage, Riovaz kept the momentum going with an engaging set, while Bakar’s performance stood out with his cover of “Dancing in the Moonlight,” and powerful renditions of “3 Nights” (a Dominic Fike cover), “Stop Selling Her Drugs,” and “Hell N Back.” His experimental indie rock sound had the crowd hooked from start to finish.

Doechii, Day 2 of Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Lucas Kurzweil

Doechii took the GoPuff Stage by storm with a fiery hip-hop/rap set, featuring viral hits like “Bitch I’m Nice,” “Crazy,” “What it Is,” and the song that put her on the map, “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake.” She also introduced the crowd to her unreleased track, “Sweat,” showcasing her versatility and leaving fans eager for more.

Sexyy Red, Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Lucas Kurzweil

Sexyy Red continued the hip-hop/rap vibes, delivering a performance full of attitude and energy, while P1Harmony made history on the IHG Stage as the first Kpop boyband to ever perform at Gov Ball. Their electrifying set included songs like “Emergency,” “Everybody Clap,” “Heartbeat Drum,” “Killin’ It,” and “Back Down,” captivating a dedicated audience with their synchronized choreography and powerful vocals.

Carly Rae Jepsen, Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Lucas Kurzweil

Carly Rae Jepsen brought a burst of energy to the GovBallNYC Stage, drawing fans from all corners of the festival grounds. Her performance of “Call Me Maybe” sparked a massive sing-along that echoed across the festival grounds, while a mix of older favorites like “I Really Like You” and newer hits like “The Loneliest Time” showcased her enduring appeal. Carly even ventured into the crowd, amplifying the excitement and connection with her fans.

Sabrina Carpenter, Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Lucas Kurzweil

Sabrina Carpenter drew one of the largest crowds of the day on this very same stage. Her performance featured a mix of hits like “Feather,” “Vicious,” and “Already Over,” complemented by talented backup dancers and heart-themed stage decor. Her heartfelt introduction to “Already Over” highlighted her appreciation for New York’s unique musical culture, stating, “New York is one of the best cities in the world to play music because you’ve figured music out in a way that hasn’t been studied by science yet.” This sentiment resonated deeply with the audience.

Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Lucas Kurzweil

Sabrina’s set showcased a wide range of her musical repertoire, from heartfelt ballads to high-energy pop hits. Fans of all ages, from young teens to older adults, were enthralled by her performance. Before singing “Fast Times,” she urged the audience to “Throw your phones in the river, I want you to be present,” encouraging everyone to fully immerse themselves in the moment.

Sabrina Carpenter, Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Lucas Kurzweil

One of the most iconic moments however, came before “Because I Liked a Boy.” Sabrina asked the crowd to chant “I’m a slut” on the count of three, creating a powerful, unifying experience. She also teased her upcoming album, Short and Sweet, exciting fans with the promise of new music. The set concluded with a playful faux exit before her signature song “Nonsense.” The crowd eagerly awaited her return, and Sabrina delivered with a unique, city-specific ending that left the audience buzzing. 

21 Savage, Governors Ball 6/8/2024. Photo by Lucas Kurzweil

The Killers closed out the night with a stellar rock performance. Celebrating 20 years of coming to New York, they delivered classics like “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” and “Read My Mind.” A fan summed it up perfectly, saying, “this is some real ass rock and roll.” The night ended on a high note with “Mr. Brightside,” leaving everyone in awe of the surreal experience.

Photo © 2024 Chris Phelps The Killers – 2024 Governor’s Ball – NYC 6.8.24

Gov Ball continues tomorrow with a jam-packed Day 3 with acts including Chappell Roan, Renee Rapp, SZA, Kevin Abstract, and much much more. Stay tuned for more of our recaps for Gov Ball 2024!

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