Hipsy Gap Release Inspiring New Single “Nothing’s Good Enough”

On May 31, Brooklyn-based indie rock band Hipsy Gap released their new single, “Nothing’s Good Enough.” Emerging on the indie rock scene last fall, the newfound group stuns audiences with its odes to indie and alternative legends like Paramore, The Cranberries, and The Smiths.

hipsy gap releases

A journey of self-discovery and identity can be one of the hardest that a person has to make in their life. Feelings of isolation, loneliness, and estrangement can creep up at any moment, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdowns. With constant stimulation and ostracization, it can be difficult to find something that relates to life’s toughest battles. Yet, Hipsy Gap is able to do just that in their soothing, easygoing latest track.

“Nothing’s Good Enough” handles a complex, deeply personal issue that would still be relatable for listeners: the idea of home. Part of life is learning how to make your own home, even if it is in an unfamiliar environment. But what if there was never a model for a person while they were growing up? The idea of “home” has different definitions for different people, of course. But there is no denying how difficult it can be to form and maintain those ideas.

“Nothing’s Good Enough” captures a unique perspective; searching for a “home” in the eyes of a person who has never known one before. The easygoing and flowing melodies showcase their dream of a life with no bounds, a feeling of true freedom. The increase in tempo and volume of the bridge, when the characters realize home is within, is just gut-wrenching enough to hit home for listeners struggling to find their home.

With their latest single bringing a feeling of comfort, angst, and discovery all in one, Hipsy Gap encapsulates the meaning of home from within. Their fascinating combination of genres makes them an exciting up-and-coming band to keep your eye on.

For more information, fans can listen below as well as all streaming platforms, or visit here.

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