Brooklyn Artist Jehry Robinson Releases New Single “Pilot”

Rising rap, reggae and R&B artist Jehry Robinson released his new single “Pilot” alongside a music video on May 24. This is the first solo single from the Brooklyn native, following his 2023 album, Drink More Water.

After jumping into the scene with his first record, Pt. IV, V, VI, in 2017, Robinson made his Strange Music record label debut with his August 2020 record 20/Twenty. Since then, Robinson has found a clear lane in the industry, showcasing a unique blend of rap, reggae and R&B influences. With multiple co-signs from rap veteran Tech N9ne and an opening spot on country star Jelly Roll‘s 2022 Son of a Sinner Tour, Robinson’s role as a notable figure in the rapverse is undeniable.

Since his Strange Music debut, Robinson has released two more studio albums, one in 2021 and the other in 2023. His 2023 album, Drink More Water, earned positive reviews from Underground Hip Hop Blog, Folk N Rock and Dancing About Architecture. Now, with the release of “Pilot,” Robinson appears to be starting the album cycle once again.

On “Pilot,” a nimbly plucked guitar gives way to a head-nodding beat kickstarted by simmering cymbals. Robinson alternates between hummable melodies and airtight rhymes in the verses. However, his vocals really take flight on the chantable chorus, “I think we’re going down, so I went to see the pilot ’cause I been getting tired, let’s turn this plane around.” In the accompanying visual, Robinson assumes the multiple roles of passengers on a commercial flight, breaking through the turbulence as our hero confronts the man at the wheel (who just so happens to be him).

“It’s about being the pilot of your own life and you can always turn it around. You’re in control to follow your destiny,” said Robinson.

Listen to “Pilot” on your preferred streaming platform here

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