NYS Cannabis Festival announced in Whitney Point

The Second Annual NYS Cannabis Festival will be held June 22, in Whitney Point’s Broome County Fairgrounds. The festival will offer visitors cannabis and craft beer vendors, camping space, and live music. On top of entertainment, the festival also serves as an educational event on the stigmatization of cannabis. This year’s event will place a focus on women in the cannabis, craft beer, and music industries.

NYS Cannabis Festival

This year’s NYS Cannabis Festival was spearheaded by both cannabis and craft beer connoisseurs. The festival features representatives from New York’s cannabis industry to educate guests on different strains. The festival, however, is a bring your own cannabis event, with no cannabis products being for sale. Despite this, guests can share and sample cannabis under 3 oz at the festival’s “Taster’s Row.”

In addition to cannabis, the festival will feature representation from New York’s craft beer industry. The Drink Like a Girl beer tent will offer guests local IPA tasting. Additionally, Drink Like a Girl and Beer Tree Brew will collaborate to make an exclusive festival brew for the event. The event will also feature a host of local craft vendors and food trucks for festival-goers to enjoy.

In addition to these vendors, the event will feature many opportunities for entertainment. Throughout the day, a number of local female musicians will play live sets on the festival’s main stage. Additionally, live DJ sets will take place throughout the festival. The 2023 edition featured local artists, including folk-pop artist Amanda Rogers, singer-songwriter Emily Angell, and soul group Caviar & Grits. Artists for the 2024 festival are still TBA. Entertainment goes beyond just music, with painting, glass blowing, yoga, and meditation activities taking place at the festival.

This year’s festival places a focus on public education, especially the destigmatization of cannabis. The festival will host eight “Bud Talks” by female experts in the field. Talks will discuss edible making, the relationship with the craft beer industry, medical cannabis and more.

The event will begin at 2:30 PM, June 22, and will last until 10 PM. While the event officially ends at 10, guests can stay the night at nearby campgrounds to keep the fun going. The festival’s organizers encourage camping nearby to accommodate safe consumption. In addition to affordable camping options, there will also be a limited number of glamping sites. The Cannabis festival is a 21+ event, with tickets required ahead of time. Tickets are currently on sale, starting at $39.

For more informations on ticketing and directions, visit the festival website here.

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