Brooklyn Based Artist Middle Part releases Debut Album

Brooklyn-based grunge-pop artist, Middle Part released his debut album, Disruptor, on April 26. The album is a sensitive raw look at mental health in a revolving corporate world. The sound of Disruptor pays homage to late 90’s and early 2000’s grunge rock.

Middle Part or Andy Selkōw, moved from Alaska to New York City in 2019 where he met producer and collaborator Brian Zaremba. Shortly after Selkōw released his first EP in 2021, I Wish I Was Alive. One of its tracks “& Cry” gained lots of attention from fans with its 4 million streams on Spotify.

Since then, Selkōw has found a place within the Bushwick, Brooklyn music scene opening for acts like Biig Piig and Yot Club. Middle part has appeared on Spotify’s Indie Fresh Finds playlist, exposing his sounds to indie listeners everywhere. 

Disruptor opens with “Get Fixed,” which samples sounds from what sounds like a home video invoking a sense of nostalgia as the song explains the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the realizations of ageing. Despite the dark subject matters of some of the tracks, the album is still incredibly catchy with upbeat guitar riffs and invoking choruses.

One song that sticks out is “Spin For You.” Selkōw’s voice is distorted, and he uses some wacky instrumentals to represent the depressing and hopeless mood of the song. “Dial” is one of the most important songs on Disruptor. It tells the story of a suicide hotline call but the message is hopeful, encouraging people to seek out help. The track represents a low point in Selkōw’s that he wishes never to return to.

The whole album is a vulnerable, darker approach to songwriting with its emotional lyrics. “I’m so sensitive and hate to show it, but it just bleeds through all of my music,” Selkōw says. 

You can watch part of Disruptor on YouTube with its four-part performance series featuring singles from the album that were released in 2023. The videos resemble classic MTV rock videos with their gritty rageful visuals. You can check out Disruptor on Apple music or Spotify.

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