Enrose Shares Empowering Message on New Single, “My Happiness”

Enrose took a break from touring to record and release their new single, “My Happiness”. Led by Gabi Rose, the New York based band explored life’s challenges and how we face them. Sonically, the single is reminiscent of late ’90s early 2000s alt-rock, with a sax chorus, upbeat rhythm, and synth solo.

The lyrics delve into life’s darkest moments, and the power we have to overcome them. Rose describes the desperation on continuing to survive while at rock bottom, singing, “Been surviving this long on dangerously low gasoline… How dumb, you only come and call when you’re needing me?”. Rose questions why she only takes care of herself when it’s too late, reminding herself, “that girl I’m talking to/ my happiness depends on you”.

Erose originated in basement parties and house shows, and paid homage to their roots in the “My Happiness” music video. The video features Rose talking to herself in the mirror, representing the song’s internal monologue perspective. The video also features a high energy performance by the band, surrounded by friends.

Enrose “My Happiness” represents a nostalgia that has become increasingly popular, a return to pop-rock of the late ’90s. The infectious chorus, along with the emotional lyrics, draw listeners in and do not disappoint. The optimistic message is refreshing, and delivered in an honest and sincere way. The high energy performance in the music video solidifies Enrose’s reputation as dynamic performers, in addition to skilled artists.

Enrose is performing at the Great South Bay Music Festival on July 19th. Tickets can be found at the following link, and a 10% discount is available with code “ROSE”.

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