Brooklyn Alt-Rockers Castle Black Release Single “Heart Can’t Feel”

Brooklyn-based alternative/post-punk group Castle Black recently released their latest single titled, “Heart Can’t Feel.” The single is off of the band’s upcoming album, The Highway at Night.

castle black "Heart Can't Feel"

Castle Black is an ever-evolving thunderstorm of sound on a backdrop of captivating hooks and edgy soundscapes. Castle Black draws elements from punk, post-punk, grunge, alternative and new-wave music. The band sees the release of their first full length album, The Highway at Night in June.

The single, “Heart Can’t Feel” is the second released single off the album. The group has released six EPs since 2015. Castle Black hopes to reach new heights with the release of their first full-length album.

“Heart Can’t Feel” begins with captivating chords, vocal tones, and immediate action. The song has strong influence from a band like Hole. The fierceness of the vocals, the upbeat yet grungy sound, and the song structure are very reminiscent of Hole and other alternative bands from that era.

The riffs throughout the song catch the listener right away and refuse to stay static. The track is certainly very post-punk in its vocals, grunge in its tone, alternative in its pace and instruments, with a bit of a new-wave aura to it. Castle Black does an excellent job here of crafting a catchy, punchy, and fun piece of music.

To give “Heart Can’t Feel” a listen and to learn more about the minds behind the music, click here.

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