Gangstagrass Release Funky New Sophomore Single “Good at Being Bad”

NYC Bluegrass hip-hop group Gangstagrass has released their latest funk-infused single titled, “Good at Being Bad.” The group stands for a unique and true musical genre of their own creation that merges the styles of country/bluegrass and hip hop. The latest single from the group exhibits their talent and diversity greatly.

Gangstagrass has also revealed a new 10-track album titled, The Blackest Thing On The Menu. The group delves deeper into the fundamental sounds of each genre, while preserving their own unique blend and sound. “Good at Being Bad” is complete with masterful mandolin playing, dynamic production, and energetic vocals.

The tune seamlessly blends funk with Gangstagrass’s distinctive fusion of bluegrass and hip-hop. The group originated in Brooklyn, but the sound they possess transcends city, state, and country. They are a diverse blend of sound, and the two genres reflect a coming together of American values.

This rebellious collective has achieved unparalleled success in crafting an innovative sound rooted in historically significant heritage. Gangstagrass emphasizes the value of education, frequently conducting workshops for K-12, college students, and adults of diverse backgrounds. Whether through engaging Q&A sessions, historical lessons, or spontaneous music tutorials, the group staunchly advocates for imparting well-rounded knowledge to everyone. 

“Working with Gangstagrass was awesome. I had been hip to them for a few years and was really diggin’ what they were doing. Mixing bluegrass with hip hop! Quite out of the box thinking. A lot of worlds coming together. I have always been a fan of bluegrass and have worked on a few records. When we got in the studio, I thought the band was exceptionally talented. Also, I was a rapper myself in the late 80’s and early 90’s, so this scratched my classic hip hop itch with a new school twist. So, to record these amazing lyricists with a live smackin’ band… what more could you ask for!!”

Boo Mitchell

Gangstagrass’ music is a must-listen. Their amazingly different sound is something to certainly lay your ears on.

To listen to Gangstagrass’ latest single, “Good at Being Bad,” via streaming service, click here.

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