In Focus: Mike Powell and the Echosound Bring Sonic Experience to Middle Ages in Syracuse

On a day where shoppers flocked to stores and malls in search of holiday deals, music fans made their way to the Middle Ages Beer Hall to see Mike Powell and the Echosound. The Echosound, a jam-rock band from Syracuse is the latest musical incarnation of singer-songwriter Mike Powell.

Mike Powell and the Echosound

Opener Neil Minet got things rolling on Friday evening, with a blistering sixty minute set.  Minet and his band have been turning heads over the last year in Syracuse, has included a notable performance at the 2023 NYS Blues Fest.  The Neil Minet Band blends blues, funk and R&B sounds, resulting in a set that had the entire room swaying and dancing.

Mike Powell and the Echosound

As Mike Powell and his bandmates took to the stage, Powell stepped towards the mic and offered a smile and the following words; “Let’s have some fun.”  With that, the house lights dimmed and the band was underway.  Opening with a cryptic musical jam, guitarist John Hanus was given the opportunity to step in to the spotlight early, and he did not disappoint.  Hanus would deliver a guitar solo that was both beautiful and powerful, while backed by the strong musicianship of the remaining members of the Echosound.  As the solo ended, Mike Powell quickly launched in to the raucous and upbeat “Submarine Gin.”   The set was fully underway and the packed beer hall crowd pushed their way closer to the stage.  

It was evident early and often that Mike Powell and the Echosound carried with them a loyal and devoted following, as fans danced, swayed, and sang back Powell’s catchy choruses, with the concert hall filled elbow to elbow with fans.   While the band performed many of the dynamic tracks off their recent release Plastic Spoon Honeymoon, they dipped their toes into Mike Powell’s diverse solo catalog as well. 

Songs like “Josephine” took on dramatic new life when paired with the talents of the Echosound. The song, which would stretch over nine minutes long, would build to yet another epic solo by Hanus, while bandmates Zak Masoud (bass guitar), Adam Manion (percussion) and Jeff Alderman (keyboards) kept pace, each taking their turn to shine. The song would eventually break down into a brief cover of “Come Together”, fusing both songs into one seamless piece. It was perhaps the standout moment on an evening filled with highlights, and one that will be sure to keep music fans coming back to see the band.

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