Lake George Presents A Graphic Design Retrospective Ahead of Annual ‘Jazz at the Lake’

The Lake George Arts Project is set to present a Courthouse Gallery exhibition titled “Jazz at the Lake: A Graphic Design Retrospective” in honor of the community’s annual event “Jazz at the Lake.” The display will be open to viewers for an entire month beginning on Aug. 23 and ending on Sept. 23.

Jazz at the Lake is an annual event held by Lake George’s Art Project that brings some of the most incredible talent in jazz right to Shepard Park. The weekend has been a staple of Lake George’s community for over forty years, striving to bring unity and culture to the New York town. This year, the jazz performances will be held from Sept. 15-17.

In anticipation of the arrival of the musicians and as a way to honor the legacy of “Jazz at the Lake,” the Lake George Arts Project will showcase the evolution of the imagery that has complemented the weekend since 2009. The design firm, Gruskin Creative, which has provided ample support and visuals for the jazz extravaganza for the past fifteen years has created beautiful images that layer the picturesqueness of Lake George with a visual representation of the mood of jazz. “Jazz at the Lake: A Graphic Design Retrospective” will also honor the vision of Paul Pines, Jazz at the Lake founder and artistic director from 1984 until 2018.

A Gallery Reception for the exhibit will also be held on Thursday, Sept. 14, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM to kick off the weekend!

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