Stress Dolls Release New Single Ahead of Live Performance

Buffalo artist Stress Dolls released a new single, “Body,” preceding a performance at Funk ‘N Waffles in Syracuse.

Stress Dolls is the moniker of Chelsea O’Donnell, an alt/pop/rock artist from Buffalo. Originally the name of a band, O’Donnell adopted the Stress Dolls title for herself and decided to move to Nashville after the group split up in 2017.

However, chronic health issues led to O’Donnell’s hospitalization less than a year later. After undergoing a feeding tube procedure, O’Donnell moved back to Buffalo, and after a period of recovery, began writing, performing, and recording again. Largely due to the tentative nature of her health, O’Donnell established Stress Dolls as a solo act in order to decrease stress and go at her own pace.

During this time, O’Donnell wrote “Body.” The song is a reflection of O’Donnell’s complicated relationship with her body in the face of ongoing health concerns, including Crohn’s disease and gastroparesis.

“I’m working on not pitting blame, or shame, on my body anymore, and through that practice I’ve realized that, really, the body is amazing.” O’Donnell said. “Mine withstood all of that anger, angst, stress, and physical anguish, and with some help, it found ways to heal. I’m learning to be a friend to my body instead of an opponent, and that’s making all the difference.”

O’Donnell released “Body” as Stress Dolls on June 2. Stream the song on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Soundcloud, or Tidal.

Stress Dolls will also be performing at Funk ‘n Waffles in Syracuse on Sept. 2 with special guests Mimicking Mars and Amphette. Purchase tickets here.

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